Mauerspringer (Wall-jumper) – New forms of artistic expression and participation in European street theatre

Mauerspringer (Wall-jumper) – New forms of artistic expression and participation in European street theatre


Project Leader: Teatro Due Mondi Associazione Culturale, Italy

Compagnie du Hasard, France

DAH Theatre Research Centre, Serbia

Hortzmuga Animación S.L., Spain

Theaterlabor Bielefeld, Germany

Théâtre de L’unité, France

Maximum Grant Awarded: 199.962,00 €

Mauerspringers were called the people who jumped over the Berlin wall to live their life free. It is a project about the concept of “wall” in a social, political and individual sense. Its goal is to overcome the walls through arts, to promote dialogue through creative experience choosing the street as the place of confrontation and artistic expression. Theatrical production is based on a “participated” approach that aims to break down the wall between the artists and the spectators, to actively engage the audience in a street performance. In the public space, theatre intersects also with other art languages: photography and video will investigate the relationship between audience and street theatre and will be a part of the communication strategy using a web/mobile APPlication that stimulates active participation and calls people, young people and digital natives, to take to the streets and share the experience of live theatre.

The participatory approach promotes audience development and is supported also by a communication campaign where video and photography create a digital community.

Six partners theatre association from six different European countries want to strengthen street theatre as a tool of social transformation by developing a socially relevant street theatre dramaturgy. Through 7 participatory workshop and different forms of actively engaging audience, they will produce 6 “participated” street performances. Workshop are meant for non-actors and will particularly welcome refugees and migrants. In parallel, a nomadic workshop on street photography techniques will be offered by a renowned photographer to a group of young apprentices. 3 Mini-festivals will take place in the Partner countries, a European Festival of Street Theatre will take place in Italy at the end of a 2 years’ project and an International Conference on street theatre and social issues will be a bridge to the future of the project.