Project Leader: Progressione kulturalis nonprofit kouhasznu, Hungary

Asociatia Medium Contemporan MAGMA Kortárs Közeg Egyesület, Romania

Association Kulturanova, Serbia

Pardi Mini Teatro, France

Maximum Grant Awarded: 200.000,00 €

The idea of Play!MOBILE is to encourage a new way of cultural participation in micro regions all over Europe. We believe that the community art practice and the development of a unique participatory rural game offers a sophisticated and inclusive way for capacity building and development of new audiences for contemporary art in more isolated areas. By turning public spaces into playgrounds of contemporary art, we are experiencing an alternative way of cultural consumption, a methodology to present artworks without the necessity of having high profile infrastructure.

The international team of artists – together with local young and emerging artists – will create a site specific interdisciplinary and participatory game, which will be adapted to the different settlements involved in the project, thus bringing contemporary art closer to the audience. The interdisciplinary nature of the project is ensured by the selected partners, representing different disciplines, while well experienced in community art practices.

The project focuses on capacity building, especially in the peripheries of the art scene. We have invited local institutions from twelve small settlements from the project area to join us as associates. They are working on local level, realizing cultural and community activities, but lacking the capacity in terms of infrastructure, tools to reach new audiences and international networking opportunities. Play!MOBILE will build their capacity, help their internationalization and foster further projects in contemporary and interactive art forms.

The project encourages the exchange of best practices and reaches outside of the current partnership by inviting other organizations with relevant practices in the field, creating a network of cultural actors active in the scene. Play!MOBILE will bring audience closer to contemporary art in the micro regions and will generate discussion between cultural operators on the issue of access to culture too.