Rights4kids- Theatre Performances to promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Rights4kids- Theatre Performances to promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child


Project Leader: Aida, Italy

SynergActiony SA, Greece

Associazione Teatrale Trentina Interculturale, Italy

DAH Theatre Research Centre, Serbia

Network for Childrens Rights, Greece

Performalita, Czech Republic

Theatro Aeropolio – Ena Theatro Giapaidia, Greece

Maximum Grant Awarded: 198.547,92 €

Children from vulnerable groups do not constitute usually an audience for the Creative and Culture sectors and also run a high risk for the violation of their rights. Rights4kids is a project which aims to bring children from vulnerable groups closer to theatre and on the same time to raise awareness on the Convention for the Rights of Children encouraging children to reflect on their rights and share their experiences and stories.

To reach these aims, the following activities are foreseen:

– Participatory workshops in order to include the children in the process of the discussion of the convention and the selection of the performances that will be staged in each country.

– the production of theatre performances for children to be distributed locally, in the 4 countries of the theatre companies(Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Serbia) which are going to cover at least 2 articles of the Convention (each) and are going to be presented at least 6 times in each partner country

– The organisation of 1 Rights for Children theatre festival where all the performances produced in all countries are going to be presented together

– the production of an e-learning course that will provide support to all educators working with the children rights indifferent countries to work with theatre and children in themes related with the Convention of the Rights of Children.

– the development of an online portal which will host all the resources developed by the project (including performances, guidelines for workshops, scenarios etc). The project is going to focus mainly on refugee and minority children. It is going to be implemented in 4 countries: Italy, Greece, Serbia, Czech Republic.