Turbulator – generator of turbulent art brut practices

Turbulator – generator of turbulent art brut practices


Project Leader: Udruzenje Turbo Strip, Serbia

Curvaturva associação cultural e recreativa, Portugal

La “S” Grand Atelier, Belgium

Par Le Dernier Cri, France

Maximum Grant Awarded: 69.324,43 €

Turbulator is a medium term three-year project that involves 4 official partners from 4 different European countries: Turbo Comix Association (Serbia), La S (Belgium), Le Dernier Cri (France), Arara (Portugal), and many smaller groups, individuals and institutions acting the role of associated partners that will participate in smaller and more focused side events.

Turbulator is focused on inclusive artistic workshops (organizers, printers and artists will visit each other and collaborate on various artistic, silkscreen printing, bookmaking and on occasion even music projects as well as have a general exchange of experiences, skills and organizational techniques and approaches). Partners will collaborate and exchange skills and knowledge with a special focus on facilitating spontaneous exchange between artists coming from different geographic contexts as well as different backgrounds and approaches to art, presenting the artists as well as the results of the workshops to international audiences and establish new visibility through persistent cross-platform media promotion.

The aim of the project is to enable groups and organizations that come from various backgrounds and countries but share similar goals and practices to collaborate, exchange and visit each other in order to gain new knowledge, compare practical approaches and organizational skills as well as to enable artists to create art in new contexts, participate in workshops with other artists, acquire new skills and approaches and to present their work to new audiences.

The strength of this complex project comes from a wide spectrum of qualities gained from intense collaboration between all of the international partners on the project, which will contribute to increased visibility and mobility and establish a new network of organizations that support outsider art community.