Create to Connect -> Create to Impact

Create to Connect -> Create to Impact


Project Leader: Bunker, Slovenia

Artsadmin LBG, United Kingdom

Drugo more, Croatia

Etablissement Public du parcet de la Grande halle de la Villette (E.P.P.G.H.V), France

Fundação CaixaGeral de Depósitos-CULTURGEST, Portugal

Fundatia Alt Art Pentru Arta Alternativa, Romania

Institut Umeni- Divadelni Ustav, Czech Republic

Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi, Georgia

Ntgent, Belgium

Santarcangelodei Teatri, Italy

Stichting Noorderzon Groningen, Netherlands

Stichting Theater Rotterdam, Netherlands

Stiftelsen Bergen Internasionale Theater, Norway

Udruženi umetnički rad, Serbia

Znanstveno-raziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti, Slovenia

Maximum Grant Awarded: 2.000.000,00 €

Create to Connect -> Create to Impact: Changing the world with theatre? Doing nothing, because we cannot do everything, is the biggest mistake! Making a positive impact through research-informed arts – at least something!

15 European arts and research partners from 13 European countries develop contemporary theatre to create aesthetic, political and social impact such as social innovation, micro-political change, new public arenas, aesthetic breakthroughs and emancipation.

We move from audience building to impacting stakeholders, from only connecting and engaging to consciously creating impact informed by anthropological research. We develop relationships not based on power structures but on collaboration and solidarity. All actions are designed in dialogue between curators, artists and researchers:

Research to Impact – research focuses on cases ranging from specific art cases to research of organizations. Anthropological studies of the impact our activities are producing serve as a basis to inform curators and artists on how to reach the desired impact. 26 Space to Connect – transforming venues, spaces that theatre inhabits with contemporary theatre to produce impact, through small-scale interventions to transformative processes. 2 Working Encounters – all partners and guests (public call) examine the notion of People. Space to establish common conceptual ground on stakeholders and develop tools for other activities. 39 Adapt to Connect – adaptations of existing theatre pieces to better impact the local context in dialogue with research.41 Create to Connect – (co)productions of new theatre pieces to impact in dialogue with research. Four-layered communication: local/national, classical line of communication (PR, web, social media …), in-depth partnerships with journalists, artistic line (artists/researchers develop new content and tools) Actively managed collaboration on the basis of democratic decision-making and sharing, and an integrated evaluation processes.