Jazz And INterculturalism

Jazz And INterculturalism


Project leader: Nisville Foundation, Serbia

Cultural association Siri Blu, Albania

Jana Project, Italy

JAIN aim it to facilitate the creativity and open artistic exchange by connecting jazz music youth of different cultural, social, economic and geographic origins, as to develop different levels of intercultural dialogue, cross-cultural cooperation and cross-border movement, connecting Serbia, Albania and Italy in identifying differences and similarities, learning and sharing, exchanging ideas and communication, understanding and opening through mobility, workshops, residencies, joint performing, meeting new people and discovering “new worlds”.

Project aims through involving music youth (18-32 years) from these 3 countries to increase the intercultural dialogue and awareness on richness of diverse ethnic communities (Serbian, Albanian, Roma and Italian) cultural influence that have contributed to their present cultural. Organizing of cultural events based on the wealth of diverse culture shall strengthen European belonging feeling among youth from Serbia, Albania and Italy, and increase awareness that culture provides an essential piece in the mosaic of the European identity that they are all striving for.

Project outputs are: 60 youth from SRB/AL/IT persons trained on understanding of culture as a vehicle of change in the society; 60 youth from SRB/AL/IT 6 jointly performed at 6 jazz concerts in Nis, Tirana and Alghero; 6 music youth exchanges conducted; 6 creative artistic and education residencies conducted; 2 Intl Jazz Days events held simultaneously in 3 countries; 1 joint internet platform launched linked with social media; 1 “behind the scene” TV documentary produced and aired; 1 Music Youth Exchange Platform introduced as permanent part of Nisville, Tirana and Alghero jazz festivals; 3 seminars held on new practices in teaching Jazz, audience developing and generating income models for jazz festivals; 2 DVD albums with “live” recordings of concerts held in targeted countries, International Jazz Day and Nisville Jazz Festival 2018 and 2019.