Future Epics

Future Epics


Project Leader: Hartefakt Foundation, Serbia

Dubrovačke ljetnje igre, Croatia

Centre for performing arts Vitlycke, Sweden

Tasca Serveis D’animacio SL, Spain

Maximum grant awarded: 199,872.00 €

* This project is co-funded through Support for cooperation projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Future Epics creates an opportunity for developing new perspectives in approaching and learning about cultural heritage. To do this it will deconstruct the narratives of specific periods in history and combine them with contemporary performance art. Furthermore, it will attract and educate audience by using online tools of communicating with the wider and younger crowd. Project will provide younger artists with a space where they will be able to express themselves and experiment with art forms with a goal to create new ways of engaging the audience. The result will be three theatre performance pieces that will premiere on Dubrovnik Summer Festival during the year 2020.

The main topics of these performances will be issues that have been neglected, forgotten or ignored thought the history. Future Epics web platform, will represent a virtual space that will provide the visitor with a possibility of informing himself and engaging on subjects regarding cultural heritage from across the Europe. Furthermore, the broad public will also be involved in the process of providing new information and thoughts regarding the history and heritage, since the platform will be interactive. Content on the platform will consist of research results, blog posts, online discussions, votings and live streaming activities connected to the topic of culture heritage. With great potentials for development, Future Epics serves as a network that will provide a fresh new European approach to the concepts of collective good and culture heritage for generations to come.