Heritage Hubs

Heritage Hubs


Project Leader: Suomen Kulttuuriperintökasvatuksen Seura RY, Finland

Fundacion San Millan de la Cogolla, Spain

Vitale Technologie Somunicazione – Viteco SRL, Italy

Center for urban development, Serbia

Maximum grant awarded: 191,158.59 €

This project is co-funded through Support for cooperation projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Why? The project enhances intercultural exchange and interaction by encouraging young people to explore and share their own cultural heritage, and to get to know and practise the cultural heritage of others. This approach provides opportunities to recognise and understand that many traditions come from the same European background sharing historical similarities. This will deepen the understanding of the meaning of the cultural heritage for the individual wellbeing as well as for a group and a community, and it will increase respect towards the cultural heritage of others and the feeling of belonging to a common cultural space.

What? Heritage Hubs creates practical slasses in exploring, sharing and practicing the cultural heritage of ourselves and others for children and young people, approximately age 11–15 years, in different European countries. During the practical classes, they will have a chance to explore and share a part of their own cultural heritage and to practise the cultural heritage of others, both digitally through videos or other digital material as well as face-to-face through visits to the country of the “others”.

For whom? The project targets students, approximately age 11–15 years. It also impacts professionals working with young people, schools and cultural heritage actors in the participating countries, and European wide through the project´s communication & dissemination. With whom? The project is coordinated by the project consortium consisting of the Association of Cultural Heritage Education in Finland (AHEF) as the lead and the Urban Development Center (UDC) in Serbia, Fundación San Millán de la Gogolla (FSMG) in Spain in cooperation with a Spanish consortium, Viteco E-learning in Italy (Viteco). It is carried out in cooperation with schools and cultural heritage actors in the participating countries.