Make it new!

Make it new!


Project leader: Cultural Centre Mladost, Serbia

Cultural Centre Travno, Croatia

Youth Association Axiom, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maximum grant awarded: 64,357.00 €

*This project is co-funded through Support for cooperation projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

The project of partner cooperation of organisations (with different legal statuses) from three countries – Cultural Centre “Mladost” from Futog (Serbia), Cultural Centre “Travno” from Zagreb (Croatia) and Youth Association Axiom from East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) has the core long-term aim to preserve elements of cultural heritage – skills of crafting national folk costumes by applying relevant techniques. The project is focussed on raising awareness of the importance of cultural heritage elements, and all partners have been working on this process actively for years.

Mutual cooperation of all three partners has been lasting for longer than 5 years now. The result of this successful cooperation is joint participation in various events, joint activities with the aim of exchange of knowledge, experiences, new findings from the field of preserving cultural heritage elements, joint restauration and crafting of new folk costumes, jewellery and headpieces, organising expert gatherings and new events with the aim of presenting cultural heritage. All three partners have been expressing the desire to launch a joint project for quite some time, which would have several specific aims inclined towards expanding awareness and importance of cultural heritage and creating new values which will, in the long run, influence further cooperation and potential new projects.

Project activities are focussed on promotion and preservation of folk costumes. Jewellery and headpiece crafting skills have been an important element of heritage for decades, whereas their preservation has been ongoing for centuries. Project strategies are focussed on diverse audiences, from the youngest generations (memory game), youth interested in new technologies and its application in preserving and presenting heritage, experts (education, research process), parties interested in preserving crafting skills and techniques (education, everyday life application, expanding knowledge) and the global audience who are visitors of various activities organised by all three partners for years. Project activities separated into several parallel axes which will be simultaneously implemented during the project period and focussed on a wide audience consisting of different generations and of varying extent of interest in the sphere of heritage.

When creating the time table, the project management team also had EYCH 2018 in mind so during 2018 the focus will be on presenting cultural heritage elements and approximating it to younger generations. Apart from the memory game and the mobile application, three five-days-long workshops will take place within the project and will study and apply five skills in crafting folk costumes, while the total of ten folk costumes will be created and displayed in exhibitions in all three project partner countries.