Desk at Showcase 2018 Conference in Georgia

Desk at Showcase 2018 Conference in Georgia


The conference “Creative Europe Showcase 2018“will be organised by the Creative Europe Desk Georgia from 10th to 12th December in Tbilisi.

The conference will gather experts in the field of culture coming from different parts of Europe, some of which will be Mieke Renders from the European network Trans Europe Halles, Ganna Turlo from the Creative Europe Desk Ukraine, Natia Kalandarishvili from the Architecture Biennial Tbilisi, Lana Karaia, representative of the project Be Museumer, Keti Danelia from the SOFA School of Film Agents, but also numerous representatives of successful projects within the Creative Europe programme.

Attendees will debate the past results of project participation, but also opportunities to improve cooperation throughout Europe. Dimitrije Tadić, the Head of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, will present the experiences from the participation of Serbia in the Creative Europe programme, and also the basic potentials of the domestic art scene with the aim of establishing partnerships in the future.

Through this, Creative Europe Desk Serbia is continuing the successful cooperation with Desks from other European countries, and especially the ones which recently joined the programme. Georgia is one of the neighbouring countries which joined the Creative Europe programme in 2017. In the first year already, partnerships with two European projects the participants of which include organisations from Georgia and Serbia were established.