Heliks: Creative Voyage – Destination Europe

Heliks: Creative Voyage – Destination Europe


Heliks Publishing House

Grant awarded: 58,779.30 €

Literary translation project “Creative Voyage: Destination Europe” is focused on translation, distribution and promotion of high quality works of fiction written by contemporary authors from ten European countries. The main objective of the project is establishing connection between various European cultural coordinates using the creative potential of translated literature. Linguistic and stylistic diversification and variety of genres reflect our intention to present comprehensive and multifaceted view on contemporary European literature, introduce new literary perspectives and help create tomorrow’s readers. Selection of books shows prevalence of lesser used languages (Greek, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Polish, Slovenian, Hungarian, Icelandic), under-represented genres (poetry, short stories, young adult novels), and authors new to our reading audience. The project is an opportunity to refresh our literary environment with literature stemming from different cultures with which reading public in Serbia has rarely been connected through world of letters.

Heliks team is well prepared for such demanding publishing endeavours which will be realized in full accord with high industry standards throughout all production phases. Prominent translators and language experts will join our in-house team and considerably add up to the overall quality of the project. To further engage our reading audience, flexible and customized distribution campaign is planned with strong reliance on digital and online sphere and with retaining traditional channels as important components of distribution strategy.

Promotion activities are custom-made in order to ensure maximum visibility of the works, authors, and cultures. Also significant for this project is continuity in promoting principle ideas from Creative Europe programme, which beneficiary we have been several times, and EUPL awarded books – almost twenty in our backlist.