Akademska knjiga: Modernity and tradition of European literature

Akademska knjiga: Modernity and tradition of European literature


Akademska knjiga Publishing House

Grant awarded: 51,860.52 €

This micro choice of European writers aims to represent the literatures of Western, Middle and North Europe. We are sure that we will make readers both in Serbia and the region closer to culture and literature which are not enough present in Serbia and in the region.

Our aim is to contribute to better transnational circulation of high-quality European literature and therefore we chose titles which were awarded eminent prizes (BNG Literature prize, Renaudot, The European Union Prize for Literature, Magnesia Litera). Polish work was nominated for the Nike and Angelus. Our package involves the work written by one of the most widely known Hungarian and Central European writers, Péter Esterházy, a leading figure of 20th century Hungarian literature. We chose to translate the poetry of Hungarian poet Ottó Tolnai whose one book of poetry has already been published by ourselves (“A kisinyovi rózsa”). We involved drama as a genre which is not enough represented in Serbia and in the region, written by the second most frequently performed dramatist in the world after Shakespeare – Henrik Ibsen.

We have secured excellent translators whose translations have been highly praised by both reviewers and the audience. Next step is proofreading and editing where our team strives for the best possible result by collaborating closely with the translators. The following step is the design of the page and the book covers. Once the book has been published we will focus on the marketing and distribution via distribution chains, social media and literary evenings. We will pay attention to promotional materials such as bookmarkers, special informative brochure, roll-up and posters in order to our package be visibly as much as possible. The strategy of distribution works in format of e-book would be new and it will help our project to reach as much readers as possible not only in Serbia but also in the region and among people in foreign countries who are familiar with Serbian language.