Štrik: From Sewing Machine to Facebook ̶ Two Centuries of European Women’s Literature

Štrik: From Sewing Machine to Facebook ̶ Two Centuries of European Women’s Literature


Štrik Publishing House

Grant awarded: 59,960.31 €

Štrik will translate, publish, promote and distribute 10 high quality works by female authors from 10 European countries (1 short story collection will be translated from Serbian into Spanish, 6 books from lesser used into lesser used language; 4 different genres).

The project will promote Creative Europe program and essential European values, contribute to the diversity of literature and languages, ensure wide accessibility of works through distribution and promotion strategy, and contribute to enlargement and renewal of reading audiences by using proven and innovative promotion practices and digital technologies. All selected top literary translators will be promoted with the books: we are the only publisher to put translators’ names on the front cover, include their biographies in each book; we will publish them on our website and in the project apps.

The project will achieve transnational mobility and circulation on several levels: geographically (10 countries), thematically (position and role of women in modern world, issues women from different European countries, of different age, social status, and professions encounter), linguistically (major and lesser used languages), temporally (spanning from the 20th to the 21st century), genre-wise (different genres) aiming to show how and if the position of women in Europe has changed through space and time, and how that change has influenced style and themes of women’s literature and its reception.

We will achieve: diversity of literary works; transnational connections and circulation; promotion of high quality literature, the Creative Europe Program, and translators; publication of books from a lesser used into a major language, reaching new audience for classical and modern female authors and different genres; cross-section of changes, development and reception of women’s literature; socially responsible behaviour and the improvement of diversity, equal opportunity gender equality and European values in Serbia.