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Creative Europe Forum 2019


The question dealt with by this year’s Forum is: in what way projects and organisation models in culture can encourage cooperation, combatting hatred, stereotypes and different forms of social inequality. With the idea of the necessity to strengthen cooperation and connecting, the Forum is organised through partnerships in three cities (Novi Sad, Niš, Belgrade) and it includes horizontal learning methods, exchange, inclusion and connecting domestic and foreign professionals.

The programme of the Forum is organised in three blocks which will be realised in all three cities: Critical thinking and media literacy, Participatory management in culture, Horizontal knowledge.

In the time of re-examining the model of future social functioning of our continent, the necessity was recognised to further develop democratic management principles, strengthen the autonomy of decision makers in culture, and also the capacity for critical thinking and acting. There will be discussions about notions such as joint management, participation, co-creation, and also about introducing participatory management models in culture while emphasising examples of good practice (e.g. the application of the Faro Convention), and defining guidelines for the introduction of these models in our country.

The programme entitled Horizontal knowledge consists of trainings of domestic and foreign cultural professionals in fields relevant for the Creative Europe programme (audience development, new technology in culture, cultural tourism, etc.), but also peer-to-peer open platform for exchanging knowledge and skills among cultural professionals. This segment of the programme will be organised on the basis of a competition-call to professionals to propose their trainings, workshops, programmes.

In all three cities, presentations of successful projects in the Creative Europe programme from 2018 will be organised, and also trainings in applying for the Creative Europe programme, consultations about project ideas, presentations of various funding sources in culture, artistic programme and cocktails.The accompanying programme will encompass the forming of a library of electronically published works – publications dealing with the topic of cultural cooperation published by domestic cultural organisations. Since Novi Sad will have the title of the European Youth Capital in 2019, a special part of the programme will be dedicated to transfer of knowledge and skills youth-for-youth.

The main partners of the Forum are City of Niš, Young Ambassadors Niš, Foundation Novi Sad 2021, EU Info Network and traditionally – Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation.

You can download the electronic version of the Creative Europe Forum here:

Agenda of the Forum in Belgrade

Agenda of the Forum in Niš

Agenda of the Forum in Novi Sad

EUROPE_20XX Residential gathering of cultural policy professionals


In cooperation with the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management of the University of Arts Belgrade and the Gallery of Contemporary Art Nis, Creative Europe Desk Serbia is launching a residence program for professionals in cultural policy in Europe named EUROPE_20XX. It will be held in Sićevo, Serbia from 25th to 30th of May, 2019 and we invite you to take part!

Every year EUROPE_20XX will deal with one of the key topics of Europe and cultural policy. The theme of the first edition will be strengthening cooperation of the region of Southeast Europe. Participants will have the task to use the results of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia research (Re)positioning the region of Southeast Europe through culture and define recommendations for further development of projects and programs of regional cooperation. Then, they will present their conclusions on 30th of May, within the Creative Europe Forum 2019, which will be held in Niš.

How to apply

The program will include 5 professionals in the field of cultural policy, who have gained experience and showed interest in the cultural cooperation of the region of Southeast Europe. We welcome participants from all European countries.

It is necessary for all interested professionals to send their biography and a one-page motivation letter to by April 20th. Selected professionals will be notified of their participation by April 25th, and the assessment of the applications will be made by the professors of the UNESCO Chair of Cultural Policy and Management.

All travel and accommodation costs are covered.

We are at your disposal for all additional information. You can send an email to Ana Fotev, coordinator of the UNESCO Chair:

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Dimitrije Tadić, Head of Creative Europe Desk Serbia