Desk at the Festival “Theatre at the Crossroads” in Niš

Desk at the Festival “Theatre at the Crossroads” in Niš


Within the programme of the festival “Theatre at the Crossroads”, Dimitrije Tadić, Head of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, delivered a presentation of the Creative Europe programme.

The presentation was attended by representatives of cultural institutions and organizations from Niš – managers and employees of museums, theatres, libraries, archives, cultural centres and other cultural institutions and civil society organisations. Apart from presenting about competitions of the Creative Europe programme which will be open this year, the programme of the Creative Europe Forum 2019 was also announce, which will be organized in Niš this year for the first time.

Creative Europe Desk Serbia is striving to support all initiatives and new programmes of cultural institutions and organizations, and so the presentation was held in cooperation with the National Theatre Niš and the City Government of the City of Niš precisely during the time the first “Theatre at the Crossroads” festival took place.

As the only theatrical festival which aspires to gather in one place the theatrical art of the Balkan cultural space, “Theatre at the Crossroads” has the aim to affirm the similarities and differences of the cultural identity of countries and peoples sharing the same space, the Republic of Serbia and the City of Niš as places of meeting of European and world paths, strengthening international cultural exchange, promoting theatrical art and creators, exchange of ideas and theatrical practices, and it is dedicated to challenges and perspectives of the modern theatre.