Workshop: Walking/guided tours as a medium of presenting local cultural heritage

Workshop: Walking/guided tours as a medium of presenting local cultural heritage


Gallery Synagoga, Friday, 31st May at 16.15h

For whom is it intended?
Everyone interested in developing tours inspired by local cultural heritage, regardless of whether they are associated with public institutions or civil society organisations in culture. The number of participants is limited to 10 people. Work will be carried out in pairs of participants coming from the same cities. The duration of the workshop will be 4 hours.
Reviving cultural heritage and digitalisation are among the priorities of the competition for European cooperation projects of the Creative Europe programme, and due to this, project proposals from these fields require innovative approaches and points of view of presenting and interpreting heritage. The processes of digitalisation result in an increase in the need for online visibility and accessibility, and also designing innovative IT solutions and platforms for presenting heritage.
Since the innovative quality of IT projects is unquestionable, there is the challenge of how to transform all the digitalised material into content and media being used in the actual city space. The aim of this workshop is to re-examine the way in which walking tours can be the innovative element of international cooperation projects.
During the workshop, following the step-by-step principle, we will create proposals of tours for participants’ local environments of origin. We will discuss tour proposals through three core areas and try to give answers to all sub-questions within them:
1. content of the tour – what is the topic of the tour? Does the tour fit, and in what way, the corpus of European cultural space values (European added value)? How do we map spots, people, feelings, events, buildings, etc?
2. interpretation – How do we tell our story? How do we connect the dots into a coherent story? What media are we using to illustrate sports and their stories? Which new media solutions are available to us, and which are adequate for the tour (digital/analogue storytelling)? How to activate participants of the walk? What new will the participants of the walk learn?
3. technical characteristics of a good walk – the number of people, the duration of the walk, the plan of the path through the city, technical-technological requirements, etc.
What king of knowledge and which skills do participants acquire?
Creating a walking tour, digital/ analogue storytelling, animation of local cultural heritage.

How to apply to participate?
Anyone interested in applying should prepare a draft of one tour which should contain:
– proposal for the name of the tour;
– a short description in a few sentences;
– a proposal of up to 5 spots and the description of each spot in a few sentences (without the path plan);
– each pair should have a laptop;
Applications should be sent in pairs to Application deadline is Sunday, 19th May 2019.

Who is leading the workshop?
The workshop will be led by Andrija Stojanović, born in Belgrade in 1984. He is a manager and producer for theatre, radio and culture who graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, and also a senior student at the Faculty of Information Management of the University of Singidunum. He gained professional experience through work on various projects, manifestations and institutions (Bitef, Belef, Ilije M. Kolaraca Foundation, Joy of Europe, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Cultural Centre Studentski Grad), and in 2011 he founded the Civil Association Point of Communication and through its activities he dealt with designing and producing projects from the field of cultural heritage, social history and the new media.