The Second I-Portunus Call for Mobility

The Second I-Portunus Call for Mobility


The second I-Portunus call for mobility of artists and cultural professionals working in the field of visual and performing arts is open until 24th June.

I-Portunus is a new initiative of the European Commission with regards to testing models of support to the development of mobility in culture throughout Europe. During 2019 three calls are expected, and starting from 2021, the competition will be a permanent component of the Creative Europe programme.

Conditions in applying are simple, and the competition is open for competition application of natural persons. More information about the required documents can be found on the I-Portunus website. Deadline for applications is 24th June at 2 p.m.

Bear in mind that I-Portunus grants can be used to travel in all countries participating in the Creative Europe programme. The complete list of countries can be found here.

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