Desk on the We Inspire You! tour

Desk on the We Inspire You! tour


From 12th to 15th June, 35 professionals from the domains of science, education, art and the media, including a representative of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia participated in the We Inspire You Tour! Organised by the Centre for Promotion of Science.

The tour encompassed a visit to Linz and Ljubljana, and it gathered professionals from the domains of science, education, art and media, decision makers and key actors of the dialogue between science and society. The aim was to present and analyse models of professional activity of modern and innovative institutions, based on the junction of science, new technologies and art, as necessary constituents in essential establishing of science culture and literacy, critical thinking and public engagement.

The programme included a visit to Ars Electronica in Linz, globally one of the most prestigious institutions dealing with the blend of art, science and new technologies. Apart from the visit to the newly upgraded Ars Electronica Centre and the new permanent exhibition, there was also an organised visit to FutureLab, as the research and development centre of Ars Electronica. Talks were also held with management and representatives of the City of Linz in order to present the educational, economic and cultural significance of such an institution for the local community and Austria as a whole.

In Ljubljana there was an organised visit to the Kapelica Gallery, which is one of pioneer organisations developing art programmes and works at the cross-section of art and science. This avantgarde concept and space represents a platform for interaction between artists, experts and audience jointly exploring and developing new paradigms of art. Also, participants of the tour visited the House of experiments (Hiša eksperimentov), institution akin to the Centre for Promotion of Science when it comes to educational programmes and scientific content intended for children and youth. This compact science centre is focussed on developing curiosity and creativity and encouraging critical thinking through open dialogue, exploration and discovery.

The programme is realised within the project “European ARTificial Intelligence Lab – AI Lab”, funded through the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission. The project AI Lab gathers 13 European organisations connecting science and art in order to better understand the concepts of the future through joint activity and interdisciplinary cooperation, which will certainly be marked by artificial intelligence as key technology and the greatest social challenge ahead of us.

More than 200 various activities will be realised through the project, including open calls for artistic residencies, i.e. research stays of artists in prestigious scientific institutions throughout the world, productions of original works, exhibitions, educational workshops, conferences, debates and other. All partners are independently developing programmes in order to jointly realise original, unique events throughout Europe. Within the project AI Lab, the first programme activity of the Centre is planned for December of the current year under the name of art+neuroscience.