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Call for applications for cultural professionals’ workshops


In the spirit of the idea about the importance of horizontal learning, we want to dedicate the educational part of the programme of Creative Europe Forum 2019 in Belgrade (7th-8th November 2019) to raising capacities of cultural employees through direct and mutual exchange of knowledge and skills.

If as an individual or a team you possess general or specific knowledge and skills that could be beneficial for a larger number of cultural professionals, we invite you to propose a topic and a description of a workshop you would like to organise within the Creative Europe Forum. Workshops developing general knowledge and skills in culture (e.g. audience research and development, digital tools, marketing and PR, new cultural practices and concepts, new business models, methods of working with artists, financial management of projects…) or specific knowledge and skills (e.g. exhibition architecture, creating a cultural map, use of specific software, and the like) will be considered.

Application requirements are:

1) biography of the lecturer or team members, up to 200 words per person;

2) programme topic and description (workshop or some other form of training) up to 300 words;

3) list of projects within which you developed this specific knowledge;

4) expected profile and number of participants (this number should not exceed 30);

5) list of skills attendees will acquire;

7) approximate list of technical equipment needed to realise the programme.

The plan is the workshop consists of an introductory part lasting for an hour which will be used to familiarise workshop participants with the topic, with two working blocks each lasting two hours, between which there will be organised lunch (the first work block: workshop work on a task or tasks and the second work block: presentation and discussion about the completed task or tasks). Organisational specificities would be agreed on with each workshop leader (duration, application conditions, prior preparation of participants, etc.).

Remuneration for a lecturer or a group of lecturers is planned.

Applications should be delivered by September 15th by sending an email to

Priority will be given to individuals or teams who already participated in projects supported by European funds and organisations.

Information about the selected proposals will be published by September 25th on the website of Creative Europe Desk Serbia.

Presentation of the i-Portunus in Serbia


Creative Creative Europe Serbia and the EU Info Center in Belgrade are organizing the presentation of the i-Portunus open call in Belgrade. The event will be held at the EU Info Center (Kralja Milana 7) on August 26 at 5 pm. Eva Blaute, a representative of the Gete Institute in Brussels and the i-Portunus team, will present a competition for mobility and answer questions related to the applications.

The i-Portunus call is a special initiative of the European Commission piloted by a team of European organizations led by the Geta Institute in Brussels, in order to test the model of supporting mobility projects for artists and cultural professionals across Europe. This is the first competition within the Creative Europe program where individuals (private entities) who work in the field of visual and performing arts can apply.

In addition to the presentation of the competition and the results so far, Eva Blaute will answer questions from the participants who are preparing for the competition in the third open call. Therefore, we invite all artists and professionals in the field of visual and performing arts to use the opportunity to get information about the competition, as well as representatives of residency programs and art colonies that can be the destination of many foreign artists who will be supported by this competition.

The next call for projects is scheduled for August 14th, with a deadline for applications by 5th September. More information about the competition can be found on the official website of the i-Portunus initiative.

Mobility scheme for artists and/or cultural professionals


Artistic and cultural mobility has increasing received policy attention both at European Union and national levels. Mobility has always been a policy priority under the European Agenda for Culture and a crucial component of the Creative Europe programme. More recently, Culture ministers have explicitly called upon the European Commission to investigate the possibility of setting up a specific mobility action for artists and culture professionals.

Some opportunities for the international mobility of artists and/or cultural professionals exist with the support of public institutions, private foundations and/or NGOs, at local, regional, national, European and international level. At national level the situation is quite varied and at EU level, several EU programmes and funding instruments offer various opportunities for cross-border mobility activities that may include the cultural and creative sectors. However, none are specifically focused on the needs of artists or cultural professionals but rather on formal education, entrepreneurship or volunteering. The Creative Europe programme supports the mobility of artists and/or cultural professionals but only within cooperation projects and platforms.

This Call for Proposals is the second initiative taken by the European Commission in organising mobility for artist, attempting to address these shortcomings and in line with the 2019 Annual Work Programme for the implementation of the Creative Europe Programme.

The first initiative is the pilot scheme i-Portunus, which is currently being implemented, following a Call for Tenders, by a consortium headed by the Goethe Institute. The beneficiaries selected under this Call for Proposals are requested to review the current i-Portunus projects and build upon it. In addition the beneficiaries will have access to the recommendations, electronic portal, electronic forms and other tools developed by the i-Portunus project, including the name and logo which will be delivered to the European Commission by the end of February 2020.

The general objective of this Call for Proposals is to develop and implement their own short-term individual mobility actions through the provision of financial support to artists and/or cultural professionals and produce recommendations to the Commission. The results of all projects will be taken into account by the European Commission in developing a permanent action under the Creative Europe Programme 2021-2017 dedicated to supporting the mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

The two grant agreements envisaged in this Call will be for a maximum grant of 750,000 each. The duration of the projects shall be 16 months.

Please find more information here.