Prepare for the Next European Cooperation Competition

Prepare for the Next European Cooperation Competition


This year’s competition for European cooperation projects is expected to be open from the beginning of autumn, and the next few months are sufficient time to prepare to apply. Throughout the year, Creative Europe Desk Serbia helps all institutions and organisations planning to apply, so we invite you to use all opportunities for help we are offering in order to prepare your project as good as possible.

The competition supports projects od institutions and organisations active in the field of culture, which assume cooperation with at least two partner organisations from Europe with a focus on audience development, improving mobility or strengthening work capacity. So far 76 European projects of cooperation have been supported, in which 100 institutions and organisations from Serbia participate. If you wish to become a part of a European partnership, we would like to bring your attention to several important steps until autumn:

1. Research the so far supported projects on our website and in the browser of projects in order to gain insight into possibilities offered by the programme. Getting familiar with supported projects can help you design an authentic response to the competition priorities. Apart from this, it is useful to research the last year’s application guidelines.

2. If you have a project idea, devote sufficient time to searching for the right partners for your project idea; these do not have to be organisations similar to yours, it is important that you recognise their strengths, share values and that there is mutual trust between you. Only such partnerships are successful because they guarantee longevity. If so far you did not establish personal contacts with European organisations, partners can be found in the database of calls for partnerships or by creating your own call. Also, contact European networks you recognise as important for your work and the project you are preparing – perhaps among their members there are some who are interested in cooperating with you.

3. If you need help in defining the concept and financial plan of your project, contact us to help you or apply for participation in trainings we organise. From 5th-8th August in Tršić, a project writing seminar will take place, and during the end of summer, there will be another one in Vojvodina. Every work day, you can schedule a meeting with our team in offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

European cooperation projects are an opportunity to acquire additional funds to realise your ideas, to connect with key actors of the international scene and to build credibility of your organisation on the international plan.

We are at your disposal for all questions, contact us!