Call for applications for cultural professionals’ workshops

Call for applications for cultural professionals’ workshops


In the spirit of the idea about the importance of horizontal learning, we want to dedicate the educational part of the programme of Creative Europe Forum 2019 in Belgrade (7th-8th November 2019) to raising capacities of cultural employees through direct and mutual exchange of knowledge and skills.

If as an individual or a team you possess general or specific knowledge and skills that could be beneficial for a larger number of cultural professionals, we invite you to propose a topic and a description of a workshop you would like to organise within the Creative Europe Forum. Workshops developing general knowledge and skills in culture (e.g. audience research and development, digital tools, marketing and PR, new cultural practices and concepts, new business models, methods of working with artists, financial management of projects…) or specific knowledge and skills (e.g. exhibition architecture, creating a cultural map, use of specific software, and the like) will be considered.

Application requirements are:

1) biography of the lecturer or team members, up to 200 words per person;

2) programme topic and description (workshop or some other form of training) up to 300 words;

3) list of projects within which you developed this specific knowledge;

4) expected profile and number of participants (this number should not exceed 30);

5) list of skills attendees will acquire;

7) approximate list of technical equipment needed to realise the programme.

The plan is the workshop consists of an introductory part lasting for an hour which will be used to familiarise workshop participants with the topic, with two working blocks each lasting two hours, between which there will be organised lunch (the first work block: workshop work on a task or tasks and the second work block: presentation and discussion about the completed task or tasks). Organisational specificities would be agreed on with each workshop leader (duration, application conditions, prior preparation of participants, etc.).

Remuneration for a lecturer or a group of lecturers is planned.

Applications should be delivered by September 15th by sending an email to

Priority will be given to individuals or teams who already participated in projects supported by European funds and organisations.

Information about the selected proposals will be published by September 25th on the website of Creative Europe Desk Serbia.