Music moves Europe – Boosting European Music Diversity and Talent Call on Professionalisation and Training

Music moves Europe – Boosting European Music Diversity and Talent Call on Professionalisation and Training


This call for proposals serves the implementation of the distinct activity “Professionalisation and Training” within the context of the Preparatory action “Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent” in accordance with the Commission decision C(2019)1819 of 12 March 2019 adopting the 2019 annual work programme for the implementation of Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions in the area of education, youth, sport and culture .

The overall aim of this call is to identify and to support at least 10 innovative and sustainable pilot training programmes for young musicians and professionals in the music sector that have a European dimension.

The proposals should demonstrate their contribution to the general objective by covering at least two of the following specific objectives:

1. Address the professional development needs to gain individual and organisational professional expertise, e.g. business-related skills, in order to increase the capacity of the young musicians and music professionals to succeed in the music market;

2. Help young artists and other professionals in the music sector to get a better understanding of the value chain of the music industry, e.g. to get an insight into different sub-sectors, especially where potential for mutual learning or exchange of best practice would be beneficial;

3. Promote transnational exchange or transnational approaches to ensure knowledge transfer, also in terms of its relevance to European/international careers or to European cross-border music initiatives;

4. Fostering sustainable co-operations and creation of networks.

Lessons learnt from these pilot training proposals should improve the sector’s capacity and contribute to its professionalization. These findings should feed into an integrated strategy for music support for the next generation of EU funding programmes after 2020, which should foster European diversity and talent, the competitiveness of the sector as well as increased access of citizens to music in all its diversity.

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