Paint the Change

Paint the Change


Project Leader: Off-Centre Productions Limited, United Kingdom
Fondacija Fond B92, Republic of Serbia
Impact Hub Labs, Greece

Maximum Grant Awarded: 198.660,00 €

Last several years have seen a worrying rise in disassociation of vulnerable and marginalised youth from the cultural, social and political processes in Europe. Across the continent we have witnessed growing xenophobia and religious, ethnic and cultural intolerance that have managed to find outlets in hate crime and violent extremism. Street art has shown great potential in engaging young people and raising awareness by breaking through stereotypes and delivering powerful thought-provoking messages.

The three partner organisations have worked successfully to engage young audiences in cultural discussion and learning that promotes core European values of tolerance, respect and inclusion. We wish to test a curriculum that will engage marginalised and vulnerable youth in examination of causes and consequences of intolerance and extremism, concepts of artistic expression, and means of positive engagement and advocacy. Our aim is to increase the diversity of young people participating, attract those least engaged and increase the depth of their experience through active participation in developing street art concepts. By focusing on the values of tolerance, inclusion and respect for diversity, our goal in tandem is for the programme to contribute to civic life through significant advocacy training element.

Focusing on audience development and capacity building, our project will result in:

• Nine emerging street artists gaining skills in concept development through audience engagement

• Nine educators gaining experience in cross-disciplinary curricula testing and delivery

• 270 members of young audience engaging with art and its power to discuss social issues, gaining social action skills

• Nine murals in prominent public spaces sustaining general public discussion and awareness of issues of tolerance, respect and inclusion.

• Partners equipped with template curricula for young audience development; improved skills for cross-border collaborations.