TRAINART – Building new skills for innovative business models in the performing arts sector

TRAINART – Building new skills for innovative business models in the performing arts sector


Project Leader: Consorzio marche spettacolo, Italy
Association Kulturanova, Republic of Serbia
Haceria arteak, Spain
Teater Nu, Sweden
Welcome A.P.S., Italia

Maximum Grant Awarded: 198.796,00 €

TRAINART addresses the need of artists/cultural operators to shape their entrepreneurial mindsets, to ensure the financial sustainability of their activities, to turn their talent into a profession and to become fully able to make a living from their art. Thus, the project aims at strengthening the competitiveness of the European Performing Arts sector and shaping new skills for cultural operators interested in developing innovative business models in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). To reach these objectives, a peer learning community will made up of creative partners coming from Italy, Spain, Sweden and Serbia and supported by associated partners also coming from Ireland, will address two particular fields of CCIs A_the innovation of management models for partners’ cultural spaces and B_the introduction of innovative services in their performing art portfolios (i.e. live performances in non-conventional contexts). Project strategy will firstly lay on the assessment of the missing professional skills needed in both the fields at local levels. Secondly, it will implement a blended-long term Capacity Building for a pilot group of 24 artists/cultural operators from Theatre, Dance and Music sectors. Beneficiaries will participate in 120 training hours delivered via MOOCs (60h), to foster transversal skills in management, business and marketing common to both the CCIs fields and through transnational mobility schemes (60h) specifically tailored on field A or B.

Six training hotspots will be hosted by project partners during the project lifetime to provide beneficiaries with training sessions led by business models experts/mentors, capitalization visits and peer networking initiatives, hotbeds of creativity for new co-production ideas and cross-fertilizations among economic sectors. Finally, to test and evaluate learning outcomes achieved through TRAINART programme, 8 new models of revenue, management and marketing will be piloted in the local CCIs.