Culture Desk Serbia at the Nišville Jazz Festival

Culture Desk Serbia at the Nišville Jazz Festival


During its 36th International Jazz Festival Nišville, taking place from 2nd to 11th August at the Niš Fortress, more than 300 musicians from over twenty countries around the world will make an appearance, alongside the first gathering of partner organisations on the JAIN project supported by the Creative Europe programme.

On Friday, 9th August at 4 p.m. in the building of the Symphony Orchestra in Niš a staged discussion “Jazz and Interculturalism” will take place. The speakers in the discussion will include Dimitrije Tadić, Head of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia, who will speak about the support of the Creative Europe programme to the development of intercultural dialogue in Europe and the importance of European cooperation.

The project Jazz And Interculturalism (JAIN) has the aim of establishing a creative and open artistic exchange by connecting young jazz performers of different cultural, social, economic and geographic origin, in order to nurture intercultural dialogue, international cooperation and transnational mobility. The project connects Serbia (Nišville Foundation), Albania (Cultural Association Syri Blu) and Italy (Jana Project) in identifying their differences and similarities though learning and sharing, exchanging ideas and communication, mutual understanding and opening through mobility, workshops, residences, joint performances, meeting new people and discovering “new worlds”.

Since the 1st festival in 1995, Nišville has been promoting intercultural dialogue as an inevitable characteristic of contemporary jazz music. The concept of the festival is based on presenting “traditional” jazz forms and their connecting with the global music tradition, with the focus on the music of the Balkans.

The main programme of the festival will take place on two connected stages at the Niš Fortress, and in the Fortress and the city numerous free stages will be organised: River, Open, Film, Welcome, Youth and Jam Session Stage. Throughout the festival days more than one hundred thousand visitors will follow music performances, films and theatre, art exhibitions and book promotions.