Trainings for Financial Management of European Projects in Culture

Trainings for Financial Management of European Projects in Culture


With the aim of achieving as good results as possible in competitions which will be opened in the following period, Creative Europe Desk Serbia in cooperation with the EU Info Centre in Belgrade is organising two trainings for financial management of international projects in culture on 8th and 9th October in Belgrade.

The reason to organise trainings is the need to demystify procedures of realising European projects in culture, because the ways of administering the legal framework and financial rules of international projects differ in relation to national projects which are familiar to the majority of domestic cultural professionals.

In the years long work in cultural institutions and organisations, we recognise the need for better understanding and cooperation between carriers of programme activities of the project from the one side, and financial managers from the other side, in creating and realising budgets of European projects, managing administration and compiling financial reports.

The programme of the training will be based on conditions of applying to the calls of the Creative Europe programme, and since the nature of administration and working in the public and civil sectors is in a certain sense different, the training will be split into two segments organised in two days:

– On Tuesday, 8th October at 2 p.m., a training intended for employees of public cultural institutions will take place – primarily, employees in financial departments of museums, theatres, galleries, cultural centre, institutes, universities and other, wishing to expand their knowledge and share their experiences in terms of financial management of European projects in culture;

– On Wednesday, 9th October at 2 p.m., a training intended for professionals in culture working in the civil sector will take place, more precisely intended for representatives of civil associations, foundations and endowments wishing to acquire or expand knowledge about financial planning and realisation of European projects. Also, freelance managers in culture interested in designing budgets of international projects are invited.

In order to apply to participate, it is necessary to send an application at latest by 30th September containing:

– First and last name of the person applying;
– Name of the institution /organisation in culture they represent;
– Whether they have experience in realising EU projects in culture;

Applications should be sent to the email, with the indication of which workshop you are applying for. We emphasise priority will be given to representatives of institutions and organisations which so far have no experience in realising European cultural projects, and also that only up to two representatives can apply per institution/organisation.

Trainings will be led by Kostić, expert associate for administering international projects at the Centre for the Promotion of Science. Marina Kostić acquired experience in terms of planning, monitoring and reporting on finances in European cultural projects, and she is currently engaged in 12 international projects of CPS withing different EU programmes: Creative Europe, Horizon2020, Erazmus+, COST, FP7, LLP Comenius and others.