Desk at the OPENS FundCon 2019 in Novi Sad

Desk at the OPENS FundCon 2019 in Novi Sad


OPENS FundCon is a fundraising congress taking place in Novi Sad from 20th to 22nd September. The congress organised by the European Youth Capital 2019 will gather socially responsible companies, foundations, embassies, representatives of EU funds and civil society organisations.

The agenda of the congress is designed to include the needs of the civil sector, encourage discussion and offer different points of view of the topic of sustainability. The first day of the Congress is dedicated to marketing strategies, the second day of the Congress is reserved for fundraising, and the third day is dedicated to human resources. The programme is comprised of workshops, masterclasses, sessions, panel and a resource café.

The event is primarily intended for representatives of civil society organisations from Serbia, youth offices, but also representatives of companies wanting to start socially responsible business practices, representatives of institutions and individuals dealing with project management, meaning that several people from one organisation can apply.
The participants will have an opportunity to gather knowledge, ideas and contacts, and also to hear more about different support programmes.

Representatives of the Culture Desk Serbia will present current competitions and future competitions within the Creative Europe programme. We invite representatives of cultural institutions and organisations to apply to participate in the workshop within which we will discuss project ideas for competitions of the Creative Europe programme.

You can find a detailed plan, programme, schedule and how to register on this link: