Beyond Quantum Music

Beyond Quantum Music


Project Leader: Institute of musicology of Serbian academy of sciences and arts, Republic of Serbia

Ars electronica Linz gmbh & co kg, Austria

Centar za novu umetnost, Republic of Serbia

Stichting the generator, Netherlands

Maximum Grant Awarded: 178.770,00 €

Beyond Quantum Music is a project exploring the connection between art and quantum physics. Its main purpose is broadening and developing production, educational and artistic aspects of the pilot project Quantum Music, completed in 2018 – but this time not only with respect to music, but also to visual and digital arts.

The primary goal of the new consortium is audience development in four partner countries, but also in the broader European context. The secondary goal is transnational mobility and establishing a network of organizations and individuals that would continue to perform and promote quantum music and thus secure the long-term sustainability of the project. The project will encompass theoretical concepts and experiments in the domain of quantum acoustics; musicological work related to the study and expansion of the new genre of quantum music, created in the pilot project; expansion of the open access sample library of quantum sounds and their artistic use; composition of new music pieces based on the principles and sounds of quantum physics; further development of the Quantum Link Technology necessary for connecting acoustic and quantum- mechanic domains; design and production of new hybrid instruments based on the Quantum Link Technology.

Beyond Quantum Music will also encompass a competition for artists from the domains of music, visual arts and digital interactive art, who will submit works inspired by the quantum world. The next step will be production of a new multimedia event “Quantum Music 2.0” that will incorporate awarded works by composers, visual and digital artists, as well as works by local artists from partner countries. It will performed in all partner cities (Linz, The Hague, Hannover and Belgrade). We will also create a dedicated Internet portal where the complete library of quantum samples, as well as all previous artistic and scientific results of the Quantum Music project, would be offered to users worldwide (open access).