Workshop from the field of visual arts: world of art from a personal perspective

Workshop from the field of visual arts: world of art from a personal perspective


Kolarac Foundation, Friday 8th November at 10 o’clock

This workshop has the aim of developing personal referential maps of the world of visual art from the meeting points of personal habitus of attendees and the structure of the field of art, the type that was drawn as early as the beginning of the twentieth century by artists such as Marinetti and Picabia, and also during the end of 20th century curators such as René Block and Harold Zeman.

The introductory lecture will present strategies of cognitive mapping and the history of mapping the field of visual art. Following this, practical work will be directed towards reshaping presented maps and generating visual displays of the field of art as the framework of personal acting.
The result of the first work block of two hours will be schematic displays of the world of art from personal positions of attendees in the form of maps and graphs. In the second work block they will be discussed, compared with one another and somewhat made visually uniform.
At the end, with the help of visual artist Šejma Fere these will be placed into the framework of a fanzine type collage publication, the copies of which will be made through photo-copying.

Who is it for?

We expect applications from cultural professionals whose activity is partly or completely taking place within the field of contemporary visual art. The number of participants is limited to 15 persons, and the list of participants will be published on our website after the deadline for applications.

What kind of knowledge and skills will participants acquire?

Workshop participants will acquire skills related to 1) the application of the principle of cognitive mapping in practice, 2) differential determining of personal position within the structure of the field of art, 3) referencing one’s own position through selection of relevant references for it, 4) visualising the created cognitive scheme, 5) interpretation and comparison of such historical visual displays.

How to apply to participate?

You can apply to participate by sending an application to the email address:, until Friday, 25th October 2019. The application should contain:

– first and last name of the applicant;

– occupation and name of the institution or organization they represent (if that is the case);

– previous experience in the domain of artistic creativity or production in the field of art (up to four sentences);

– motivation to participate in the workshop (up to four sentences);

Who is leading the workshop?

The workshop will be led by artists Šejma Fere and Tijana Savatić and curator Stevan Vuković.

Šejma Fere is a visual artist. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, theory of art and media during Interdisciplinary studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. She was a student resident at the Mis Baltazar laboratory in Vienna in 2015, participated in the programme of Luis
Adelantado Gallery in Valencia in 2016, and also the Summer Art Academy in Saltsburg in 2017. She has been exhibiting independently since 2005. One of the main media she realizes her work in are collages which she has been exhibiting since the exhibition called Reciklokolaži, that took place in Stara Kapetanija Gallery in Zemun in 2015. Currently she is preparing an exhibition called Trikolaža, which will take place near the end of this year in the Gallery of the Student Cultural Centre Kragujevac. She formats her collages, and also frequently works of other artists created on workshops, such as the Biennial in Ostavinska Gallery 2017, into the framework of fanzines. Some of her fanzines will also be presented during October of the current year at an exhibition offering an overview of independent art projects in the form of books, within the publishing platform Art Encounters of the Timisoara Biennial, in the section managed by Tijana Savatić and Stevan Vuković.

Tijana Savatić is a poet and author of projects taking place as workshops. She is studying at the Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Her poems were published in a collection of regional poetry Rukopisi iz Pančeva in 2018, and the publication (Ne)vidljiva književnost – Beogradska alternativna scena, of the Zagreb based magazine Tema, this year, as well as on the website and private blogs during previous years. She was included in the work of the festival Čitam Čitaš in Belgrade, and is one of the founders of the multimedia project Pročitaj me, in Pančevo. She is the author of the project Essay on Reflexive Feminine Lyric Poetry, taking place in the form of workshops of public poetry reading of female authors from the current scene in Belgrade and the surrounding areas, which has the product of a series of performing events and a series of publication. The first of them, entitled Žedne preko sobe, was realised during September of current year. Since September 2018, she is leading a curatorial workshop with Stevan Vuković, entitled Izložbotvornica, for students of art history, which will result in exhibitions authored by workshop attendees in Belgrade galleries during December 2019. She is a member of the author team designing and hosting the radio show Sceniranje, offering an overview of events of the independent cultural scene of Serbia to listeners on Radioparat in Belgrade. Alongside Stevan Vuković she is working on an exhibition offering an overview of independent art projects in book format, as a part of the publishing platform Art Encounters of the Timisoara Biennial.

Stevan Vuković is an art historian and curator. He graduated in philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, attended postgraduate studies at the same department, and also studies of art theory at the Jan van Eyck Aakademie in Maastricht and art studies in the public space at Bahaus Dessau. He is a winner of the Lazar Trifunović Award for a text on visual art published in Serbia in 1998 and the Award of the Art History Society for the best exhibition in Serbi in 2003 (for the exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade he designed and realized in cooperation with Zoran Erić). Since 1996, he has been working as an independent curator. He realised numerous authored and co-authored exhibitions, among which the most prominent ones are: “Drugo jugoslovensko bijenale mladih”, Konkordija, Vršac (1996) , “Balkan Konzulat: Misija Beograd”, Rotor Gallery, Graz (2002), “Urban Fog of Belgrade” Urban Drift, Berlin, (2003.), “Belgrade Art Inc.” Secession, Vienna (2004), “A Dogumentary Approach”, Kunstverein München (2004), “Kada otvorim oči vidim film”, Modern Gallery, Ljubljana, (2010/11), “Poslednja mladost u Jugoslaviji”, Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade (2011/12), “Pred sudom”, Gallery Nadežda Petrović, Čačak (2016). He led gallery programmes in Remont, the Youth Centre, O3ONE, and SCC. His work within workshops was described as a list of projects within which specific knowledge transferred here was developed.