Workshop in the field of electronic music: How to create your own live set?

Workshop in the field of electronic music: How to create your own live set?


Kolarac Foundation, Friday 8th November at 10 o’clock

The fundamental aim of the workshop is to direct and train participants interested in professional development in the domain electronic music including applying knowledge from the field of contemporary management in music. Workshop primarily deals with live sets of performers – from designing the identity and recognisability of the artist, through performing your own compositions to promotion and positioning on the international scene.

Who is it for?

The workshop is intended for artists dealing with music who want to develop a professional career on the local and the international plan. Also, we invite all those without professional artistic experience who are dealing with music and are interested in performing, producing an developing a career in the field of music.

What kind of knowledge and skills will participants acquire?

Participants will be familiarised with synthesizers, rhythm machines, effects, sequences, mixing consoles and the “Ableton LIVE” programme. Also, they will receive advice on how to turn their home PC in the simplest way into a tool which will create music form. They will be trained to use “Ableton LIVE” software to create music and perform live, have an opportunity to learn what a “MIDI” signal is, how to manage it and how to initiate a specific instrument; they will be able to create their LIVE setup which allow them creative expression and creation; they will get familiar with the entire process of music representation – from creating a name to branding oneself as an artist on social networks and music platforms.

How to apply to participate?

You can apply to participate by sending an application to the email address:, until Friday, 25th October 2019. The application should contain:

– first and last name of the applicant;

– occupation and name of the institution or organisation they represent (if this is the case);

– short description of the project you want to improve through this workshop.

The number of participants is limited to 14 people, and the list of participants will be published on our website after the application deadline.

Who will lead the workshop?

The workshop will be led by Nemanja Stojanović and Jelena Stanković with the aim to transfer knowledge, experiences and skills they acquired through past work in the domain of music creation, management in culture and public performances in the country and abroad.

Nemanja Stojanović is a contemporary audio/visual artist currently living and working in Subotica where from the position of an Art Director he creates the programme of the independent art platform “Šablon”. Nemanja has 10 years of active work in culture behind him and he was included in production of big festivals such as “Exit” Festival and “Mad In Belgrade”, he cooperated with the Slovenian art group “Dont Make New People” and also the Croatian “Ciko Ramom”, Belgian “Perfekt Funktion” and numerous other organisations that required his idea creation and organisational abilities.

Artistic profiles he signs with his name, and with which he performed throughout Europe are YusYus and Neomodern.

Jelena Stanković is a contemporary audio/visual artist currently living and working in Belgrade. Jelena is the owner of the domestic label Chorbika through which she publishes on vinyl, and she is at the same time the promoter of parties she is organising in Belgrade with most varied and exciting artists. Jelena is a resident of the Belgrade club “KC Grad”, and apart from music she is also dealing with education and organising public workshops of audio production in KC Lab (Novi Sad).