Workshop in the field of literary publishing: Editor in publishing today

Workshop in the field of literary publishing: Editor in publishing today


Kolarac Foundation, Friday 8th November at 10 o’clock

The programme of the workshop is designed so it answers the question: which skills and knowledge are required for an editor of a publishing house today? Before, an editor was responsible only for the creative process of selecting books, creating the publishing concept, working on an authored text or a translation. However, today, due to the lack of funds, the profession of an editor covers several positions, and also the array of their interests and knowledge has to be significantly wider. Therefore, it is necessary to redefine the notion of an editor in publishing today.

The workshop familiarises participants with the process of perfecting oneself on several levels:

1) The level of general knowledge: flawless familiarity with the matter which is editor’s narrower specialty (e.g. world, domestic literature, language, psychology, philosophy), and general education (pop culture, politics, history…).

2) The level of specific skills: basic control over skills editor’s expert associates consider their specialist profession (grammar and spelling; text formatting and design; foreign languages; social networks and marketing; familiarity with and implementation of new business models; communication and negotiation with authors and agents.

3) Skills of applying for domestic and international grants: an editor must know how to design the concept of the project they want to offer to foreign partners, to justify and present it well, and also in the end to put it into action in accordance with the project: precisely, in a timely manner and with high quality.

In the first part of the workshop leaders will go through all three listed levels which would offer workshop participants an insight and a solid basis in further education for holding the position of an editor in a publishing house, but also a project manager for foreign grants.

Who is it for?

The workshop is intended for cultural professionals working in the field of literary publishing, and especially those who plan to initiate or have recently established a publishing house. Moreover, organisations dealing with publishing activities, like universities and libraries, which were not active in this field can also apply.
What kind of knowledge and skills will participants acquire?

Within the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to get familiar with the basics of the editing process in literary publishing; basics of communication with foreign agents; basics of applying for foreign and domestic grants.

How to apply to participate?

You can apply to participate by sending an application to the email address:, until Friday 25th October 2019. The application should contain:

– first and last name of the applicant;

– occupation and name of the organisation they represent;

Who will lead the workshop?

Aleksandar Šurbatović graduated from the Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. He has fifteen years of experience as an editor, and for the past six years he was the responsible editor in the Publishing House Dereta. He signed circa 300 titles as the editor. He works as a project management or a consultant in 6 Creative Europe projects and received support for/won/ secured funds? U originalu kaze I dobio za isto toliko, ne znam sta je dobio, sredstva? Podrsku? just as many. Also, he is the winner of around forty grants for different publishing houses in Serbia. In 2019 he founded his own publishing house and book editing agency “Blum”. He is especially proud of his team of expert associates whom he mostly personally prepared and empowered for editorial and proofreading work. He is the author of three collections of poems and one novel.

Tijana Petković graduated from Serbian language and literature as the best in class. She completed master studies in 2018 in the course of Serbian philology with the topic “The concept of sin in modern Serbian language”. She is the winner of “Dositejeva” scholarship of the Fund for Young Talents, and also the “Radmila Milentijević” Award for the best master thesis. She worked as a proof reader and then as an executive director in the Publishing house Dereta, and currently she is working in the Publishing house Blum performing the same position.

Some of the more important references:

– Alienation and Identity in Contemporary European Literature – 8 Books To Be Translated Into Serbian – for Dereta ltd, 2016 – project manager and issue editor;

– (In)Tolerance – Seven Awarded European Writers – for Dereta ltd, 2016 – project manager and issue editor;

– The Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) 2016 – lecturer and participant of the match-making programme;

– Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino, 2014; 2017 – lecturer and participant of the match-making programme;

– Tempo di Libri, Milan 2018 – lecturer and participant of the match-making programme;

– Designing and realising the marketing campaign “Da li je knjiga skupa” (Is a book expensive), where 8 publishing houses participated with over three hundred billboards throughout Serbia;

– Around 300 edited and signed issues in Serbian publishing;

– More than 20 international book fairs;

Daily communication with foreign copyright agents.