Results of the Competition for Literary Translations 2019

Results of the Competition for Literary Translations 2019


The results of the competition for literary translations 2019 have been published today. Publishing houses from Serbia are again at the top of the list of winners ̶ in the category of two-year projects five publishing houses have been supported.

These are the Publishing House IPC Media with the project Unifying Strength of Diversity: European Literature Through TimeGenres and Languages, Publishing House Urban Reads with the project Different is Okay – The Best of Urban Europe, Publishing House Zavet with the project 8 Books to Remind You that All Borders Are Fictional, Publishing House Odiseja with the project Perfect Reads for Generation Z and Publishing House Prometej with the project Literary Carousel – a Genre Ride.

Congratulations to everyone for their success, and we are very glad that there are new publishers among those who have received support of the Creative Europe programme. This year we received a record number of competition applications from Serbia, as many as 20 project proposals, which is double in comparison to other countries.

Apart from Serbia, among the most successful are also Slovenia with 6 supported projects, as well as Poland and North Macedonia with 4 supported projects each. The statistics of the total results of the competition shows that the majority of projects are translations of novels (42%), followed by children’s fiction (24%), short stories (11%), comic books (9%), poetry (7%) and drama (6%).

The total amount of awarded funds to publishing houses from Serbia is 251,275 €. More information about the results of the competition can be accessed on the website of the European Commission.