Competition ”Strengthening cultural cooperation and competitiveness of cultural and creative industries of the Western Balkans”

Competition ”Strengthening cultural cooperation and competitiveness of cultural and creative industries of the Western Balkans”


The competition “Strengthening Cultural Cooperation and Competitiveness of Cultural and Creative Industries of the Western Balkans” was opened on 17th December 2019 and it lasts until 31st March 2020.

The general aim of the competition is to offer encouragement to reconciliation and building of neighbourly relationships in the Western Balkans through cultural cooperation

Specific aims of the competition are:

● Strengthening cross-border cooperation within the Western Balkans region and member states of the EU;

● Strengthening competitiveness of cultural and creative industries in the region.

Therefore, the following priorities have been defined for the selection of projects:

1. Strengthening capacities of cultural and creative industries to be active on the transnational and international levels;

2. Increasing transnational circulation of art works and mobility of actors in culture and art;

3. Improving intercultural dialogue between artists, cultural professionals and the wider public.

Since the competition is financed from the EU programme IPA II, project participants can only be EU member states and the Western Balkans countries. Only legal persons can apply and the projects must be partnerships. Project partnership must be comprised of at least five partners (project leader + four partners), with at least two partners from two different countries of the Western Balkans and at least two partners from two different EU member states.

The minimum amount of grants per project will be 100 000 €, and maximum 500,000 €. The requested amount of the grant can represent up to 85% of total expenses of the project. The remaining amount (15%) will be secured by the submitter of the project proposal.

Minimum duration of the project is 24 months and maximum is 48 months. Project activities must commence between 1st January and 31st March 2021.

One should bear in mind that this competition call will not accept applications already submitted for the previous competition call for European cooperation projects.
Manual for applicants, all required conditions and documentation can be accessed here.

Creative Europe Desk Serbia and the Antenna of the Culture Desk Serbia are at your disposal for help when applying. Contact us to schedule a meeting and we can together consider possibilities to apply.

We also invite you to follow announcements on our website about the events we will organise in the future, with the aim of ensuring the best possible preparedness of domestic institutions and organisations to apply.