Music Moves Europe: coproduction in the field of music

Music Moves Europe: coproduction in the field of music


The competition is concerned with support of artistic creativity in the field of music, primarily to projects implying the process of cooperation of individuals in creation of verses and songs with the aim of commercialisation and generating revenue.

The intention is to work on enhancing international cooperation between artists, song writers and producers from different countries participating in the Creative Europe programme for the sake of joint work in music pieces intertwining their talents, skills and empowering the creative potential of the entire team.

The competition is a part of the wider initiative of the Creative Europe programme – Music Moves Europe, within which residential programmes, song writer camps and other artistic programmes are recognised as a good opportunity to display European cultural diversity through music, because they contribute to the development of new artistic practices, innovative approaches to creation and research in the field of music.

The general aim of this call is to identify and support at least 10 innovative and sustainable pilot programmes of coproduction for songwriters and musicians clearly depicting European values, in order to make the development of the European music repertoire easier.

A specific aim of this competition is related to the organisation of the European camp which will gather cultural professionals and creative individuals to improve the skills of participants in song writing. The camp should offer the opportunities to learn from experienced professionals, improve creative writing skills, enable cooperation with other participants of the camp, aid the building of network of song writers among the participants, promote networking with successful professionals from the music industry and help participants successfully obtain experience of the creative process and business knowledge in this field. Project proposals should paint a clear vision of how the produced works of music will be presented and reach the audience.

Also, in order to help artists successfully step into the music market, project proposals should encompass at least two out of several complementary aims listed in the competition announcement.

Maximum grant per project can amount to 50,000 Euros, which represents no more than 85% of the total value of the project. Project proposals can be submitted by institutions and organisations individually or in a partnership consisting of at least two legal persons.

More on the details of the competition (specific aims, proposed activities, propositions in relation to partnerships and other) can be found on the website of the European Commission in the application guide.