Prometej: Literary carousel – a genre ride

Prometej: Literary carousel – a genre ride


Grant Awarded: 45,424 €

Project Literary Carousel: A Genre Ride is imagined as a mixture of genres with the catchword “Books for everyone!”. It is focused on pointing to the diversity of creative expression. Publishing house Prometej will translate, publish and distribute seven books, each of them of high quality of the specific genre, and each with significant literary awards, including European Literature Prize.

In the selection of the books are mostly works originally written in lesser represented languages: Slovakian, Hungarian, Estonian, Danish and Romanian, and the collection of short stories by Mira Popovic that will be translated from Serbian into French. The play by Leonora Miano, multiple awarded author, written in French will be translated, and her work will be presented to Serbian audience for the first time. Slovakian author Ivana Dobrakovova’s novel has been awarded with the EU Literary Prize, and this will be her second book in our production. Children’s book by Jonas Taul has received two awards for illustration, and Cosmin Perta is highly acclaimed Romanian poet of a younger generation. Miklós Vámos’ work was also awarded several times in Hungary, and we will publish one of his short stories collection. In our selection is an autobiographical graphic novel by Danish writer and illustrator Halfdan Pisket, who gained numerous awards for his work.

Our team is very well prepared for demanding tasks, with the long-time experience in various phases in the publishing business. With the carefully planned presentational and promotional activities our goal is to point to the fact that there are books with high quality content, for everyone. In that way we are planning to reach the widest possible audience, from children to prose lovers, to those who enjoy reading poetry or graphic novels. The promotion plan is tailored for each book individually, but the whole package will be presented as a whole in three bigger cities, in the new and creative way, reflecting the name of the project.