Coronavirus: consequences for the European Commission Programme Implementation

Coronavirus: consequences for the European Commission Programme Implementation


European Commission published guidelines for programme users with regards to all changes in projects conditioned by the coronavirus.

If the spreading of coronavirus COVID-19 disrupted project realisation or compliance with legal obligations, the first step for all programme users is to notify the Executive Agency (EACEA) by sending an email to the responsible person on the project who they are usually contacting or by sending an email to the official contact of the action with a detailed description of the problem and its influence on project implementation.

In any case, the following flexibility measures will apply:

1) Granting current activity expenses

In cases where individuals are prevented from participating in programmes, meetings and events, for example due to recent contact with a person infected with the virus, or who recently visited an area considered high risk, EACEA can consider eligible* travel expenses or accommodation expenses which cannot be cancelled and which are not refunded from other sources, with the condition that programme users submit appropriate accompanying documents (primarily the proof that they asked for a refund and were denied one).

2) In the case COVID-19 is preventing the conducting of activities

If compliance to contractual obligations is disrupted due to COVID-19 (for example due to unavailability of key staff, impossibility of performing work in the zone affected by the virus or any other case which can be considered to be force majeure), EACEA can accept the replacement of activities or delayed execution. It is required that the programme user submits a justified request to amend the agreement, including extending the period of its implementation/execution.


Programme users should collect and keep all the relevant documentation that can be required at a later time to prove / justify any decision made concerning project realisation (especially from the financial standpoint).

* under the condition they comply with the general conditions of eligibility defined in the agreement.

Follow the website of EACEA in order to stay informed about all the novel measures.