Online Programme of Literary Translation Projects Preparation

Online Programme of Literary Translation Projects Preparation


Dear colleagues’ publishers,

Bearing in mind the hard and unpredictable period for the entire sector of culture, Creative Europe Desk Serbia will continue offering help in any way possible to domestic publishing houses intending to apply for support of the programme during the current year or in the future. Although we are working remotely during this period, we are inviting you to use all possibilities of online communication, to collaborate on developing your projects and European cooperation.

The deadline of the currently open call for literary translations has been postponed to 28th May, which is a significant stretch of time for project preparation. With the desire to continue collaborating in different circumstances, Creative Europe Desk Serbia is initiating an online programme that can be followed on out YouTube channel.

The programme is comprised of three presentations covering the following topics:

Developing the reading audience through European projects

Within the competition for literary translation of the Creative Europe programme, special attention is given to the strategy of promoting books and audience development. A project can be an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your permanent reading audience in new ways, but also to address a new group of audience you want to win over – the local community, people with special interests (sports people, nature lovers, food lovers…). Ana Pejović, cultural manager with exceptional experience in the field of literature, publishing and translation, and especially in terms of international cooperation and working with the audience will speak about this topic. The video presentation has the aim to emphasise the possibilities for audience development in the local context, with focus on examples from the domestic environment and from other countries.

The presentation can be followed on our YouTube channel.

Key advice for successful preparation of literary translation projects

With the intention of nurturing good communication and exchange between publishing houses which are experienced and the ones that want to apply for the first time, the second segment of the programme was designed in accordance with the peer-to-peer principle and dedicated to key advice in shaping a project idea, which will be discussed by Marija Vukosavljević, an editor with years-long experience in publishing and obtaining support of the Creative Europe programme. The presentation is designed so it emphasises the key aspects of shaping a project from an idea to an application, with regards to programme priorities and possibilities offered by this competition.

The presentation can be followed on our YouTube channel.

Financial planning of literary translation projects

For successful competition application, it is necessary to design a good financial plan of the project, which will account for all the required expenses of translation, publishing and promotion of literary works. The last segment of the online programme is precisely dedicated to designing a budget, and since the new form has been simplified, you will be able to draft the financial plan of your project at the same time. Ana Ćosić, coordinator of financial affairs of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia will be speaking about this topic.

The presentation can be followed on our YouTube channel, by subscribing here. Additional materials can be downloaded here.

If you want to get replies to specific questions about your project – interpreting competition propositions, clarifying the competition form, help in designing the project concept – you can still schedule a one-on-one video consultation via Skype with the team of Culture Desk Serbia. Send us an email to arrange a time.

We are at your disposal for all questions and we are rooting for you this year as well!

Kind regards, Team of the Culture Desk Serbia