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European Commission to support performing arts with €2,5 million for distribution


A call for tenders has been published to support the cross-border circulation and digital distribution of performing arts works.

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the vulnerability of the performing arts sector as all hosting venues had to close down and most performances will only be able to resume after the summer break, under strict conditions. A new support scheme for the sector, focusing on theatre, dance, circus and street arts is therefore very timely.

The new call aims to support the cross-border circulation and digital distribution of performing arts works. This will help the sector recover and regain its European dimension, which is a clear added value of the Creative Europe programme.

The call for tenders worth 2,5 million euros should lead to the selection of a contractor or consortium in the fourth quarter of 2020 so that funds can reach the sector as soon as possible.


The new support scheme will also address the following issues: the impact of mobility on the environment and the role of digital culture. The Commission will propose measures to mitigate the sector’s carbon footprint and will at the same time include a forward-looking reflection on the use of digital tools.

The live recording and streaming of the supported performances will be promoted as a complement to reach a broader audience and make touring more sustainable.

The call and its budget increase (from € 2 to 2,5 million) confirm the strong commitment of the European Commission to support the sector and help it build a more resilient and sustainable future.

Please find more info here.

Public call for participating in the seminar “Creative Europe – project preparation”


The Culture Desk Serbia in cooperation with the Cultural centre “Vuk Karadzic ” Loznica, will organize the seminar “Creative Europe Programme – project preparation” from 13th until 16th July 2020 in Tršić. The call is intended for all institutions and organizations from Serbia planning to apply for the Creative Europe programme.

The topics that will be covered by the seminar are contemporary practices and concepts in the international cultural cooperation, cultural heritage and contemporary art; management of international projects; European cultural policy and priorities of the Creative Europe programme.

The seminar will be held in accordance with the prescribed health care measures, respecting the precautionary recommendations in order to prevent all participants and safely maintain the program.

Aim of the seminar

The aim of the seminar is raising the quality and preparing projects to apply for the creative Europe programme, raising the programmatic – organizational capacities of institutions and organizations from Serbia, but also contributing to decentralization in the field of culture. Apart from this, the seminar will be organized for the sake of enhancing communication, cooperation and exchange of experiences of cultural institution and organization representatives from cities and counties of Serbia.


The main criteria for the selection of participants are the quality of project proposals and potential partnerships.The quality of project propositions is measured against: compliance with topics and priorities of the Creative Europe programme, innovative nature of the concept and its professional basis.

Conditions of the public call

1. The number of vacancies is limited;
2. Up to two persons from a single institution or an organization can apply to participate in the seminar;
3. The Culture Desk Serbia and the Cultural centre “Vuk Karadzic ” Loznica will cover food and lodging expenses, however participants of the seminar will cover their travel expenses.

Submitting an application

You can find here the application form.
The application for the seminar should contain the following information (up to three pages):
– A short description of the project the institution or the organization wants to apply with for the Creative Europe programme or if they believe the project proposition has a potential to be used for applying;
– A list of potential partners on the project;
– A short description of the institution/organization (mission, aims, main activities);
– An indication of the position of the person or persons applying to participate in the seminar.
The application should be sent to the email address of the Culture Desk Serbia:

Deadline for applications

Applications can be submitted until 3rd July 2020. Applications received after the defined deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Call for experts to support the European Capitals of Culture


The ‘Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture’ project is seeking professionals from a variety of disciplines to join its pool of experts. The expert group will help bridge gaps in skills in the implementing teams of European Capitals of Culture.

The project consortium is looking for experts in different fields to help meet key capacity building needs of the European Capitals of Culture (ECoC) action. Organising teams of each ECoC will be able to tap into this expert pool when searching for specific knowledge and skills.

In particular, experts are sought in the following areas:

• audience development

• conflict resolution

• change management

• legal (including intellectual property rights and licensing agreements for culture)

• monitoring and evaluation in the cultural sector

Experts in management, communications, coordination and international relations are also needed.

Please find more information here.

Presenting the Creative Europe programme in NGVA


Within the cycle “Places of Artistic Work Contextualisation” realised during three weeks in July by the New Gallery of Visual Arts in Belgrade, gallery systems, their position, funding resources and their presence in the projects of the Creative Europe programme will be discussed by Dimitrije Tadić, advisor for visual arts and multimedia of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Head of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia.

The discussion will also cover the results of the five-year-long realisation of the Competition for Financing Art Works from the Field of Visual Arts and the effect on enrichment of collection of public institution and empowerment of gallery collections.

The discussion will take place on Thursday, 11th June at 6 p.m. in the premises of the gallery (60 Krunska St). Editor and moderator of the programme is Anica Tucakov, an art historian.

This mini cycle comprised of three talks represents an announcement of the educational programme which will be dedicated to re-examining of structural elements of visual arts in our region and the global frameworks, overview of past practices and the field of the gallery definition of scene. The central thematic axis of the programme, which will be realised starting September, consists of the relationship artist – gallery – collector.


Results of the Competition European Cooperation Projects 2020


The results of the competition European Cooperation Projects 2020 have been published today, with the total of 15 projects supported including 15 participant organisations from Serbia.

These are two leading projects: “THEY: LIVE, Student lives revealed through context-based art practices” led by Cultural Centre “Studentski grad” Belgrade and “Opera: Past, Present, Perfect”, led by MOTO – Music Opera Theatre Organisation from Belgrade.

Also, project partners will also include:

¥ Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade with the project “Stronger peripheries: a southern coalition”
¥ Centre for the Development of Circus Arts “LUDIFICO” with the project “BETA CIRCUS – Boosting European Trends and Artists in Circus Arts”
¥ Association KROKODIL with the project “Be (P)Art. Grow with Arts”
¥ Nišville Foundation with the project “Roma Jazzing Europe”
¥ DAH Teatar with the project “Future Academy on Tour in Europe”
¥ Madlenianum opera and theatre with the project “Opera: Past, Present, Perfect”
¥ Association Superstar Culture with the project “Giving (Back) the Credit to the Heritage Communities”
¥ Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade with the project “Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science”
¥ Cultural Centre of Vojvodina “Miloš Crnjanski” with the project “House. Music. Europe.”
¥ Association “WEMSICAL SERBIA” with the project “Trans-European Music Organisations Linked Organically”
¥ Association “Kulturanova” Novi Sad with the project “What’SAP – Exchange of Social Art Practices”
¥ Association “Kulturanova” Novi Sad with the project “Invisible Lives”
¥ Station – service for contemporary dance with the project “Advancing performing arts project – FEMINIST FUTURES”
¥ Association “BAZAART” with the project “B-AIR Art Infinity Radio – Creating sound art for babies, toddlers and vulnerable groups”
¥ Public media institution Radio-television of Serbia with the project “B-AIR Art Infinity Radio – Creating sound art for babies, toddlers and vulnerable groups”

We are congratulating all institutions and organisations who worked hard and the efforts of which paid off on their exquisite results!

The competition was entered into by 391 project proposals (321 small cooperation projects and 70 big cooperation projects), out of which 380 were forwarded for evaluation. The total of 113 project were supported (93 small projects and 20 big projects), while 5 projects entered the reserved list.

Information about other supported projects were published on the website of the European Commission.


Competition for Literary Translation 2020


The competition call for translation projects of literary works is open in the category I and it lasts until 5th May 2020.

The competition is offering an opportunity for publishing houses to translate literary works of European authors from one into another officially recognised European language. The aim is to support cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe, promote transnational circulation of high-quality literature, and also to improve access to literary works, in a manner that enables access to new audiences.

Apart from the mentioned aims, the competition also encourages translation of literary works compliant with the priorities listed below:

– promoting translation of works of European literature;

– encouraging translation from less present languages (which are comprised of all languages in countries participating in the Creative Europe programme, except for English, German, Spanish (Castellan) and French) to English, German, French and Spanish (Castellan), as a contribution to wider circulation of literary works;

– encouraging translation of works belonging to less present genres, such as literature for young audiences (children, adolescents and young adults), in addition to comic books/graphic novellas, short stories and poetry;

– encouraging appropriate use of digital technologies in distributing and promoting literary works;

– encouraging translation and promotion of books awarded with the EU Prize for Literature (EUPL), so that for every awarded title 1 point is automatically obtained (therefore, the maximum of 10 automatic points if all titles have been awarded with the EU Prize for Literature);

– increasing the visibility of translators (in relation to this, publishing houses are obliged to publish biographies of translators in the publications they translate).

Within this call, support is offered to two-year-long projects with a clearly defined editorial strategy, proposing translation, publication and promotion of a “package” of 3 to 10 literary works (fiction). With regards to participation of Serbia, the direction of translation must be from a selected EU/EFTA language into Serbian or from Serbian into the selected EU/EFTA language. Applicants can apply for support amounting up to 100 000 Euros, which represents the maximum of 50% of allowed expenses. Allowed expenses include translation, production and promotion of works of European fiction.
If you are interested in applying and want to learn more:

– carefully read the call of the competition and the application guide;

– get acquainted with technical steps in applying, in order to successfully submit your competition application;

– take a look at which projects obtained support during the previous years;

– subscribe to our newsletter, in order to regularly receive information about the competition and invitations for workshops and trainings we are organising;

– Culture desk Serbia is offering free advice and support to publishing houses from Serbia when applying. If you intend to apply, we can arrange a discussion about your application, or have a consultation over the phone or Skype.

Competition documents can only be submitted electronically, via the portal of the European Commission (Portal Electronic Submission System) that can be accessed here, by selecting the competition call in the section Search Funding & Tenders.

More details about the competition procedure and the required documents can be found on the website of the Executive Agency for Culture, Education and Audio-visual activities (EACEA), managing the Creative Europe programme.

For help in relation to this competition call, or if you have specific questions about the application process, please send an email to:

If there are technical problems in submitting the competition documents, please send an email detailing the problem to: or call: +32 229-92222.

The required documents can be downloaded here or on the participant portal when applying.