Competition for Literary Translation 2020

Competition for Literary Translation 2020


The competition call for translation projects of literary works is open in the category I and it lasts until 5th May 2020.

The competition is offering an opportunity for publishing houses to translate literary works of European authors from one into another officially recognised European language. The aim is to support cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe, promote transnational circulation of high-quality literature, and also to improve access to literary works, in a manner that enables access to new audiences.

Apart from the mentioned aims, the competition also encourages translation of literary works compliant with the priorities listed below:

– promoting translation of works of European literature;

– encouraging translation from less present languages (which are comprised of all languages in countries participating in the Creative Europe programme, except for English, German, Spanish (Castellan) and French) to English, German, French and Spanish (Castellan), as a contribution to wider circulation of literary works;

– encouraging translation of works belonging to less present genres, such as literature for young audiences (children, adolescents and young adults), in addition to comic books/graphic novellas, short stories and poetry;

– encouraging appropriate use of digital technologies in distributing and promoting literary works;

– encouraging translation and promotion of books awarded with the EU Prize for Literature (EUPL), so that for every awarded title 1 point is automatically obtained (therefore, the maximum of 10 automatic points if all titles have been awarded with the EU Prize for Literature);

– increasing the visibility of translators (in relation to this, publishing houses are obliged to publish biographies of translators in the publications they translate).

Within this call, support is offered to two-year-long projects with a clearly defined editorial strategy, proposing translation, publication and promotion of a “package” of 3 to 10 literary works (fiction). With regards to participation of Serbia, the direction of translation must be from a selected EU/EFTA language into Serbian or from Serbian into the selected EU/EFTA language. Applicants can apply for support amounting up to 100 000 Euros, which represents the maximum of 50% of allowed expenses. Allowed expenses include translation, production and promotion of works of European fiction.
If you are interested in applying and want to learn more:

– carefully read the call of the competition and the application guide;

– get acquainted with technical steps in applying, in order to successfully submit your competition application;

– take a look at which projects obtained support during the previous years;

– subscribe to our newsletter, in order to regularly receive information about the competition and invitations for workshops and trainings we are organising;

– Culture desk Serbia is offering free advice and support to publishing houses from Serbia when applying. If you intend to apply, we can arrange a discussion about your application, or have a consultation over the phone or Skype.

Competition documents can only be submitted electronically, via the portal of the European Commission (Portal Electronic Submission System) that can be accessed here, by selecting the competition call in the section Search Funding & Tenders.

More details about the competition procedure and the required documents can be found on the website of the Executive Agency for Culture, Education and Audio-visual activities (EACEA), managing the Creative Europe programme.

For help in relation to this competition call, or if you have specific questions about the application process, please send an email to:

If there are technical problems in submitting the competition documents, please send an email detailing the problem to: or call: +32 229-92222.

The required documents can be downloaded here or on the participant portal when applying.