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Results of the competition for cultural cooperation in the Western Balkans


The results of the competition “Strengthening Cultural Cooperation and Competitiveness of Cultural and Creative Industries of the Western Balkans” have been published today. We are very glad that the participation of Serbia is present in all supported projects – there are the total of thirteen where five institutions and organisations from Serbia will participate.

These are two leadership projects – (NON)ALIGNED MOVEMENTS Strengthening contemporary dance in Western Balkans headed by the Civil Association “Station – service for contemporary dance” and the project Rise of woman in culture in Western Balkan headed by the Civil Association “Fenomena”.

Also, project partners include:

  • Civil Association “KROKODIL” on the project Translation in Motion
  • Organisation “Beoart Contemporary” on the project Rise of woman in culture in Western Balkan
  • Civil Association “Novo kulturno naselje” on the project Some Call Us Balkans
  • Civil Association “ARGH” on the project Balkan Translation Collider
  • Centre of Belgrade Festivals – CEBEF on the project #synergy: Sharpening the capacities of the classical music industry in the Western Balkans
  • Company “Meydan ltd” on the project Manifesta 14 Prishtina_Co- Producing Common Space and Shaping Formations of Solidarity in the Western Balkans and Beyond
  • Association Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia on the project Regional Lab: New Culture Spaces and Networks as drivers of an Innovative and Sustainable Bottom-up Development of Regional Collaboration
  • Civil Association “Eho Animato” on the project The Ways of the Heroes
  • Institute of Archaeology on the project Immersive Storytelling Driven Cooperation for Cultural Heritage Dissemination in Western Balkans
  • Civil Association “Skogled” on the project Redesigning playscapes with children in Western Balkans
  • Association of comic book and written words lovers “Nikola Mitrović Kokan” on the project CAN for BALKANS – Comics Alliance Networking for Balkans
  • Faculty of Dramatic Arts on the project ReCulture: Re-branding of Cultural Institutions in Western Balkans
  • Civil Association “Ink Fest” on the project ReCulture: Re- branding of Cultural Institutions in Western Balkans

Congratulations for the exceptional results to all institutions and organisations which worked hard and whose efforts evidently paid off!

Information about other supported projects have been published on the website of the European Commission.

Public Call for Submitting Applications to Participate in the Programme of In-house Trainings in the Field of Culture


Creative Europe Desk Serbia is publishing a public call to all cultural institutions and civil society organisations to submit propositions to participate in the programme of in-house training, which implies direct work with the team of the public institution or civil society organisation applying.

Training is concerned with the following topics in the field of culture:

– nurturing programme excellence – new programme formats, tools, topics;
– diversification of funding sources and financial management of projects;
– employee and partnership development through inter-departmental and inter-sector connecting, networking and coproduction;
– development of the institution/organisation through international cooperation and European projects;
– “philosophy” and concepts of European cooperation.

Within the public call, a minimum of three cultural institutions or civil society organisations will be selected, and training will be realised by the end of 2020. Training will be organised in accordance with epidemiologic recommendations and measures of protection against the virus Covid-19.

The aim of the public call

The aim of the public call is raising programmatic-organisational capacities of institutions and organisations planning to participate in the Creative Europe programme, and also improving sustainability, success and programme excellence of projects being realised.


The right to participate in the programme of trainings can be exercised by cultural institutions and civil society organisations meeting the criteria below:

1) they don’t possess significant experience in realising cultural projects supported by funds of the European Union;
2) they employ / engage some of different employee profiles required for project realisation (programme editors, managers, organisers / producers/ managers, experts in public relations, economists, lawyers, etc.)
3) they possess the potential for successful realisation of the project idea or the description of the problem encountered by the institution / organisation in its work.

Submitting an application

Those submitting an application must send the following required documents in the electronic format to

1) letter of application to the public call (free form, up to 500 words) with the indication of the topic the application primarily relates to;
2) description of the project idea or the description of the problem encountered by the institution / organisation in its work, which would be the basis of the training programme (free form, up to 500 words);
3) information about the submitter of the application (“ID” of the cultural institutions / civil society organisation, number and structure of engaged persons, list of domestic and international projects, etc.)

Deadline for submitting applications

Applications can be submitted by 10th August 2020. Applications received after the defined deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Implementing Steps to Develop and Promote European Music Export


The purpose of this tender is to generate knowledge and spread understanding about as well as explore new approaches for the export of European music by piloting some actions of the strategy.

The results will inform possible future actions to implement the sectorial support for music and international dimension of the future Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027.

The implementation of the activities of this tender is expected to take place in a post-Covid-19 environment and therefore take into consideration the feasible options and potential limitations related to it.

Please find more info here.

Music Moves Europe – Innovative support scheme for a sustainable music ecosystem


To implement the 2020 Preparatory action “Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent” (with a budget of €2.5 million) this call for proposals addresses the need to support the green, digital, just and resilient recovery and post-Covid-19-crisis development of the European music ecosystem to help it become more sustainable.

The European music ecosystem belongs to one of the cultural segments that were hit the most by the corona crisis – with an unprecedented impact on the sector’s entire value chain and massive losses incurred. The crisis’ significant short-term consequences for the sector have been addressed with emergency action and safety nets at different levels. Additional steps are needed to help the sector recover in a more sustainable way, adjust to new realities and newly emerging trends, and ultimately become more resilient.

The Commission will select one consortium that will design and manage an innovative and effective support scheme that redistributes grants to recipients in the music sector, based on a needs assessment. The Commission expects to select the consortium by November 2020, to ensure that the funds can reach the recipients as early as possible in 2021.
This Call complements other national and EU initiatives and schemes that help mitigate the negative impact of the Covid-19 crisis on culture in general and music in particular.

Please find more information here.


Competition for the Europa Nostra Award 2021


The application for the European Cultural Heritage Award – Europa Nostra 2021 is now open. Application deadline is 1st October 2020. Applications can be sent from countries participating in the Creative Europe programme, which include Serbia.

Applications can be submitted within four categories:

  1. Preservation

Exceptional achievements in preservation, improvement and adjustment to new uses of cultural heritage.

  1. Research

Exceptional projects of research, digitalisation and knowledge transfer leading to tangible effects in preservation and improvement of cultural heritage in Europe.

  1. Dedicated care for heritage

Open for individuals or organisations whose dedication over a longer period of time (at least 10 years) is showing a high degree of dedication and civil engagement, alongside excellence in preservation and improvement of cultural heritage in Europe, exceeding the usual expectations in the given context.

  1. Education, training, raising awareness

Exceptional initiatives concerned with education, training and raising awareness of cultural heritage with the aim of encouraging capacity building and local support, building awareness of the location and identity, and encouraging engagement and ownership of citizens.

More info can be found on the website of the European network Europa Nostra.


Results of the Public Call for Participation in the Seminar “Creative Europe Programme – Project Preparation”


Representatives of nine institutions and organisations from Serbia will have the opportunity to participate in the seminar of project proposition preparation for the Creative Europe programme, organised in cooperation with the Cultural Centre “Vuk Karadžić” in Tršić, from 13th to 16th July.

Every year, Creative Europe Desk Serbia is organising a seminar for project writing with the aim of achieving as good project preparation as possible of the institutions and organisations intending to apply for support of the Creative Europe programme, both during the current year and during the following years.

The topics covered by the seminar are contemporary practices and concepts in international cultural cooperation, cultural heritage and contemporary art; international project management; European cultural policy and priorities of the Creative Europe programme.

The seminar will be held in accordance with the prescribed measures of health protection, in open space within the complex of the Historic Landmark Tršić.

We invite all institutions and organisations not among this year’s participants to contact us so we can discuss project idea propositions. Team of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia is offering the possibility of scheduling an online meeting via Skype and Zoom.

We are thanking everyone for their interest, and we wish successful work on project ideas to seminar participants, and also establishing long-term professional connections at the seminar in Tršić!

List of seminar participants can be downloaded here.

Seminar programme can be downloaded here.