Online presentation: How to create extraordinary theatre?

Online presentation: How to create extraordinary theatre?


Within the online cycle “Cultural programmes in digital space” the first in a series of presentations is dealing with possibilities of adjusting theatrical performance to the digital space. During the time when public gatherings are not possible, this challenge is especially important – both for those creating a play, and for the audience. Bearing in mind that experience in this task has only started being acquired, numerous questions arise: can digital technologies replace physical space in performing a play? What are the advantages and flaws of stepping into the digital sphere and how to achieve a close connection with the audience through the web?

This topic will be dealt with by Tea Puharić, theatre and radio director and member of the founding team of extraordinary theatre – the first Internet theatre in Serbia. Extraordinary theatre was created during the pandemic period of physical isolation and limitations in movement, through spontaneous gathering of drama artists who wanted to find new ways to create theatre.

You can view the presentation on our YouTube channel.

About the cycle

In the past period marked by the epidemic of Covid-19, the place of realisation of cultural needs of the audience was displaced into the digital sphere, due to temporary closing down of venues used by cultural institutions and organisations and ceasing of their regular programmes. This encouraged designing new ways of presenting archives and collections, concerts and plays, and also the organisation of people they are gathering.

Although the Internet cannot fully replace performing cultural and artistic programmes in a physical space, it can be an opportunity to perceive the importance of one’s own work in a different way and to further contemplate the spots of positioning on the cultural map of the city, region and Europe.

Therefore, the cycle of online presentations “Cultural programmes in digital space” is precisely related to improving the visibility of our institutions and organisations in the digital space by designing new formats of presenting cultural and artistic creativity and communication with the audience.