Creative Europe Forum 2020

Creative Europe Forum 2020


Niš, 26th June, Gallery of Contemporary Visual Arts Niš
Valjevo, 1st-2nd July, National Museum Valjevo
Šabac, 2nd-3rd July, National Museum Šabac
Turbulent happenings and instable circumstances stemming from planned and wanted changes, but also unforeseen, crisis periods, such as the current viral pandemic, place the task of contemplating the role and place in the society of cultural actors in front of them.

Under constant pressure of adjusting to demands of the environment and global changes, and also the shift in value systems and interests of the audience, the question of how culture and art can further developed is current.

This is why this year’s Creative Europe Forum 2020, taking place in three cities – Valjevo, Šabac and Niš, is designed to encourage discussion and contemplating possible forms of activity and development visions which will contribute to cultural institutions and organisations being actors of desired changes and trends in the environments of their activity.

Through several-days-long programme of strengthening capacities of cultural actors, we want to encourage ambition of the local environment and contribute to improving equal cultural development in Serbia. The spoken programme of the Forum was designed considering the needs and topics recognised as important on the local level, while the programme of strengthening capacities is directed towards joint work on strategic orientation of cultural institutions and organisations through workshops and in-house trainings led by representatives of successful stories of Creative Europe and experts in the field of culture.

The Forum will be realised in accordance with prescribed measures of health safety, and the programme is open for all interested parties from Valjevo, Šabac and Niš, as well as the surrounding areas.

Partners in the realisation of this year’s Forum are Gallery of Contemporary Visual Arts Niš, National Museum Valjevo, National Museum Šabac, IKOM Serbia, Civil Society Cooperation Office – Programme Europe for Citizens and the EU Info Network.

Programme of Creative Europe Forum 2020 in Niš

Programme of Creative Europe Forum 2020 in Valjevo

Programme of Creative Europe Forum 2020 in Šabac