advancing performing arts project – FEMINIST FUTURES

advancing performing arts project – FEMINIST FUTURES


Project leader: Tanzfabrik-Berlin EV, Germany
Buda Kunstencentrum, Belgium
Epcc Maison De La Culture D Amiens, France
Fundacja Instytut Sztuk Performatywnych, Poland
Il Gaviale Societa Cooperativa, Italy
Reykjavik Dance Festival, Iceland
Station Service For Contemporary Dance, Serbia
Stichting Theaterfestival Boulevard’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Stiftelsen Bergen Internasjonale Teater, Norway
Szene Verein Zur Forderung Der Kultur, Austria
Teatro Nacional D Maria Ii Epe, Portugal

Grant awarded: 2,000,000 €

apap – FEMINIST FUTURES is created by 11 institutions from 11 countries that share the idea that art can initiate powerful social changes. The project aims to address inequality in the contemporary performing arts, using Intersectional Feminism to find concrete structural answers and raise public awareness. FEMINIST FUTURES is an innovative project that presents powerful artwork, able to inspire a positive vision of the future, as an alternative to the current wave of nationalistic and xenophobic tendencies in Europe.

The core of FEMINIST FUTURES is to provide a long-term support to a new generation of 20 artists who will be enabled to create socially relevant projects and to present them across Europe.

The project is designed around the newly created European Shared Festival “Everybody’s Sisters Europe”: 5 double appointments, each of them jointly conceived, financed, realised and presented by 2 partner institutions and communicated as a singular European event. The festival is the first multi-sided business model for the CCS. It implements green co-touring, maximises the visibility of the project and increases active audience participation with a common Audience Development Program. This program is based on two complementary actions: The Ventures, participative projects that have the potential to become Best Practices for the sector, and The Feminist School, a non- hierarchical, intersectional common learning environment.

FEMINIST FUTURES will offer training opportunities to its participants through specific actions: an artistic exchange with Escola Livre de Dança da Maré of Lia Rodrigues in Rio de Janeiro and a mentoring program for young writers and critics with a focus in the West Balkan region.

apap has a strong communication and dissemination plan highlighted by rotating responsibilities, regular professional networking events, a final conference and a collaboration with Howlround, an online platform that will spread the project’s results worldwide.