Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science

Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science


Project leader: Associazione Arditodesìo, Italy
Antwerpen Kunstenstad, Belgium
Arte Urbana Collectif, Bulgaria
Fakultet dramskih umetnosti, Serbia

Grant awarded: 199,903 €

CURIOUS will network 4 innovative EU cultural and scientific operators: the Arditodesìo Theatre Company (IT), also project leader, the Arte Urbana Collectif (BG), the Interactive Arts Laboratory of the University of Arts in Belgrade (RS), and the Arenberg Theatre (BE).
These partners will create 8 Theatre of Wonder Festivals, 2 in each country, over 28 months. ToW festivals will showcase local and non-local / international theatre and artscience plays and events. Original Augmented Lectures (a joint performance between an artist and a scientist) will be co-created and developed and will premiere at each festival. They will be performed in the local language, but some will be in English, enabling them to tour within the network. At the end of the project we expect that at least 22 original Augmented Lectures will have been created. There will be a learning curve, so that the 2021 Festivals will be smaller, local in nature and needed to fine-tune the creative methods and the collaboration. The 2022 Festivals will be of a much stronger European dimension where Augmented Lectures will tour among the 4 festivals.

There will be an educational dimension to the project since CURIOUS builds upon the Jet Propulsion Theatre, an Arditodesìo project started in 2012 whose mission is to research, build capacity, and showcase the power of performing arts to communicate science. JPT has connected artists, scientists and audiences through ground-breaking artscience productions. With this background, Arditodesìo will coach the partners and train future coaches for further theatrescience creation during and after CURIOUS. This method will be tested and improved throughout the project, resulting in the publication of an open-source methodology for Performing Art Science. CURIOUS will build on the rich and complementary experience of the consortium to further pioneer experimentation and research in using Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science.