Giving (Back) the Credit to the Heritage Communities

Giving (Back) the Credit to the Heritage Communities


Project leader: Asociatia La blouse roumaine IA, Romania
Institutul National Al Patrimoniului, Romania
SuperStar Culture, Serbia
University for The Creative Arts, United Kingdom

Grant awarded: 149,310 €

This project is proposed by “La Blouse Roumaine” Association, from Bucharest, Romania and it aims to reset the place of the traditional crafts within the new trend for a more sustainable fashion, while promoting and preserving the specificity and skills of the craftsmen.

At the center of the proposal we find the artisan communities and the fashion designers, which would get a unique opportunity to discover each other through Creative residencies focused on the iconic traditional items – the Romanian blouse (IA) and the Scottish Tartan. During the residencies, the designers would be invited to observe the authentic craftsmanship and learn about the profound meanings embedded in these elements of costume. Following the residencies, a limited Cultural Fashion collection will be designed and produced. The collection will be presented during the Etnology Fest in Serbia and then displayed within a temporary Exhibition in Romania.

The creative work will be seconded by scientific work, organized around the main issues derived from “cultural appropriation” practices: the legal framework, the business models, the possible synergies with the creative industries etc. A number of planned project’s outputs will further disseminate the recommendations and conclusions. A rich and targeted communication campaign will promote the project towards a wide international audience.