House. Music. Europe.

House. Music. Europe.


Project leader: Gryllus KFT, Hungary
Associacio Collectiu Mixtur, Spain
Kulturni centar Vojvodine “Milos Crnjanski”, Serbia
moment collective – Verein für experimentelle Musik, audio-visuelle und performative Kunst, Austria

Grant awarded: 200,000 €

Our life is affected by the world dominated by news of conflict, violence, natural disasters. There is need for effective strategies for coping with traumas, which can be deep and long-lasting, need techniques to dissolve them. Music can also play role in helping individuals and communities to cope with trauma, whether it be through intervention of music therapists, community music or individual music listening.

HoME project aims to create a space in which shared stories can meet and become something nonverbal. Content of the shared words can be transferred to music in the form of a mobile installation called Our Family House (OFH) set up in four countries settlements and festivals. Collection work in every country beside the digital sonifications results a performable composition (4 composition in total) made by four groups of three artists with different background selected through our open call. During the individual experience of entering the installation the Guest gets a real-time feedback of his/her shared story in a form of a changing soundscape.

Final output of the project is a performative collaborative artwork – a performance which will built up from the inputs collected with the help of the OFH’s technology carrying the sonic landscapes of the countries as well.

Involved artists of the project will be selected from different scenes of music and other arts to ensure the projects artistic diversity. Creators will get chance to exchange knowledge, gain new tools (mainly connected to digitisation) and network for their future creation. By turning public spaces of visited settlements into playgrounds of contemporary art, we are aiming to present an alternative way of cultural consumption, a methodology to present contemporary artworks without the necessity of having all the satisfactory infrastructure.