Dangerous Liaisons in Women’s European Literature

Dangerous Liaisons in Women’s European Literature


Štrik Publishing house

Maximum grant awarded: 44,952.84 €

Štrik is focused on publishing high quality literature primarily written by women with the aim to provide insight into different literary voices. We want to make female literature more visible, form a new sensibility among readers to recognize its literary value, and create equal opportunities for evaluation of female literature.

This project is another step in that direction as it illustrates how one important theme, characteristic of literary classics written by male authors – ambivalent, often controversial and clandestine family, partner and friendly relations, which we symbolically named “dangerous liaisons” after Pierre Choderlos’ literary classic of the same name – is received, analysed and rendered in contemporary literature written by women.

Overall objectives of the project are to promote high quality and diverse European literature, female authors and translators; to ensure wide accessibility and visibility of works through strong distribution and proven and innovative promotion strategy; to reach new audience for different female authors and genres; to influence the reception of women’s literature; to contribute to transnational mobility and circulation.The project includes several key activities: translation, publication, promotion and distribution of 6 high quality works written by female authors from 6 European countries, 3 different genres and 3 less frequently used languages.

With far-reaching three-level promotion of books, authors and translators (1. standard promotion; 2. guerrilla marketing; 3. digital promotion), participation in book fairs and festivals and authors visits, we target different groups: general public (primarily women), but also younger readers, students, literary community, etc. Our previous results testify that the number of our readers, followers and book club members is steadily increasing, which shows success in reaching important goals of this project: increasing reading audience and promoting European literature and values.