The Arc of Time

The Arc of Time


ProPolis Publishing House

Maximum grant awarded: 52,643.47 €

The project, The Arc of Time, title building on title of one of our books, aims at supporting cultural and linguistic diversity by publishing 9 books from lesser used languages – Finland, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and books from Belgium and Germany.
The selected books and authors are awarded with prestigious literary awards.

Their works promote European values, openness, diversity, ecology, humanism, heritage and innovation. They are innovative in their treatment of topics, roles of main and side characters, relying on, and diverging from literary traditions and conventions, storytelling techniques and approach to language. With their quality, they contribute to popularisation of reading to young public.

Our selection of lesser genre is for a broad age-range, from books for pre-schoolers to books for young independent readers to books for adolescents and young adults. The books within this scope vary in genres (or mix genres). There are playful explorations of fairy tales questioning stereotypes, adventures, war stories, detective mysteries, time travel, voyages and all elements making reading joyful, engaging and exciting. They gently teach young readers about values, without being openly didactic.