Experimental Music Venues

Experimental Music Venues


Project Leader: Stichting WORM, The Netherlands

Kvaka 22, Serbia

Dabadaba, Spain

VK, Belgium

Maximum grant awarded: 72.215 €


The initiators – Dabadaba / San Sebastian (ES), VK / Brussels (BE), Kvaka22 / Belgrade (RS) and WORM / Rotterdam (NL) – exchange experience with each other and together with a number of alliance partners, develop new strategies and investigate the opportunities for the economic sustainability of the pop venue as an Experimental Community Space. The experimental, small-scale power of the small venues is used for heterogeneous programming with local culturally diverse communities. In this way, a contribution is made to the development of new forms of (live) music, new relationships with new audiences and metropolitan coherence. The project consists of four work conferences, the production of a tool kit for small stages and governments and the production of a video documentary. The project is made sustainable by a follow-up request at Creative Europe.