Balkan Translation Collider

Balkan Translation Collider


Project Leader: Fondacia “Sledvashta Stranica”, Bulgaria

Drustvo za izdavanje, promet i uslugi GOTEN GRUP, North Macedonia

Glavni grad Podgorica, Montenegro

Shoqata poeteka, Albania

Srsen Ivan, Croatia

Udruženje ARGH, Serbia

Maximum grant awarded: 324.234 €

The Balkan Translation Collider project is born out of partners’ common commitment – as literary NGOs, associations, small publishing businesses, literary agents, book fairs/ festivals organisers and city authorities – to overcome the barriers to literary cooperation within the Western Balkans and between the region and the EU member states. The project is focused on collaborative capacity building for literary managers and hands-on learning in international setting. It will equip the literary mediators of the future with new professional contacts, new knowledge of the international book markets, motivation and confidence to operate transnationally. The project will also create a platform for dialogue between the independent sector, the cultural industry of publishing and the policy-makers in the Western Balkan countries. On a long run, the project will lead to an increased visibility of Balkan writers and literatures of today across language barriers.